What are Calmare Booster Treatments?

Depending on the severity of the original chronic nerve pain condition and the length of time the patient has been experiencing neuropathic pain, periodic Calmare booster treatments may be required to combat any return of pain.

People who experience a recurrence of pain after the traditional 10-treatment Calmare Therapy protocol should document when the pain returns, subsides and is any environmental issues were involved (stress, weather conditions, re-injury, excessive use of the affected area) or if there was no specific cause for the elevation of pain.

Keep in mind, many patients never require further scrambler therapy treatments, but in more advanced stages of prolonged or severe neuropathy, a single or shorter series of boosters can be extremely useful to quickly reduce or eliminate the reoccurrence of pain.

After 16-year-old Audrey, a CRPS warrior, completed her first scrambler therapy treatment series, her complex regional pain syndrome nerve pain symptoms eventually increased to a McGill Pain Level of 3-4/10, which happens with some people living with this condition.

Last week, she came in for 3 scrambler therapy booster treatments performed once daily for three days. (The number of booster treatments required ranges from a single session to five or more treatments).

We are delighted to report that she achieved a 0/10 pain level. From our experience, over time, fewer booster treatments are required if the pain level increases for any condition related to chronic nerve disease or injury.


Even better, in most patients, the time frame between a need

for booster treatments also increases over time.

Dr. Michael Cooney, Clinical Director, CRPS Specialist


Audrey and Dr. Cooney celebrate her heading back home pain-free.

The goal of Calmare booster treatments is for the patient to sustain a no-pain or low pain level to sustain normal daily life activity.

We are delighted to report that Audrey completed her three treatments and returned home to enjoy her summer without letting CRPS get in her way.

A gift from Audrey for Dr. Cooney


If you’re battling CRPS or another treatment-resistant nerve pain condition and have tried traditional pain-relief medications and therapies, Calmare may be right for you. Call 201-933-4440 or message us at info@calmaretherapynj.com about your condition.

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