Calmare Device Training

For Pain Management Clinicians

Clinical Director Dr. Michael J. Cooney offers on-site clinical training and consulting to new Calmare pain management providers, medical centers, military facilities and clinical researchers.

A Certified Calmare provider since 2011, Dr. Cooney was one of the first doctors in the US to introduce Calmare scrambler therapy and is currently one of only seven (2023) Certified providers. Due to patient demand, his New Jersey clinic administers scrambler therapy exclusively for pain mitigation.

Dr. Cooney has garnered global recognition for successful patient outcomes in reducing or eliminating chronic nerve pain (and physical symptoms, when relevant) in children, teens, adults and seniors. To date, he has provided sustained pain relief to more than 2,000 chronic pain patients with treatment and medication-resistant neuropathy from around the world.

Calmare Training Curriculum

Typically, the comprehensive training protocol is conducted over three business days. Dr. Cooney’s general curriculum includes the following, but can be customized to meet the practitioner’s clinical needs:

  1. Small group or one-on-one comprehensive instruction
  2. Device operation, maintenance and troubleshooting
  3. Clinical training with patients or volunteers
  4. Patient criteria and medical history review guidance
  5. Pre- and post-treatment patient protocol
  6. Contra-indicators
  7. Recommended supply vendors
  8. Managing patient success and challenges
  9. Booster therapy guidelines
  10. Desensitization 
  11. Nutrition

Consultation and Training Requests

Dr. Cooney travels throughout the US and the world. Training and consultation agreements must be confirmed at least 8 weeks in advance. His fee includes three full days of training. The client is responsible for securing the doctor’s round-trip travel, airport transfers, hotel for four nights and daily round-trip transportation to the training site.

To schedule a phone or video chat with Dr. Cooney, simply provide your contact information below, call 201-933-4440 or email us at and title your email Calmare Training Request