Clinical Studies & Trials

Several high quality scrambler therapy clinical trials have been performed by the nation’s most prestigious medical and educational institutions on the MC-5A Calmare device technology.

Completed Scrambler Therapy Clinical Studies, Clinical Trials in Progress and Related News

"There are now more than 60 scrambler therapy (or Calmare, 1 trade name) citations listed in PubMed, including successful randomized trials. It is used extensively in the military with good success, especially with neuropathic pain and at experienced pain management centers." Mayo Clinic Proceedings (2021)

"Cutaneous Electroanalgesia for Relief of Chronic and Neuropathic Pain" by Thomas J. Smith, M.D., Eric J. Wang, M.D., and Charles L. Loprinzi.

Some of the largest reviews and reports indicate that 10 to 20% of patients have no analgesic response to scrambler therapy, whereas approximately 80 to 90% have a favorable response."





Meet Our Patients

We thank all of our patients for sharing their personal experiences with the chronic pain community.

Clinical Director Dr. Michael Cooney

Since 2011, Calmare NJ USA clinical director Dr. Michael J. Cooney has specialized in the use of scrambler therapy to significantly reduce or alleviate neuropathic pain.

He has a loyal patient base from around the world whom he treats from his warm and comfortable pain management clinic dedicated to performing Calmare Therapy exclusively.

Sharlene battled nerve pain from arachnoiditis for 30 years. After prescribed medications and traditional pain management failed to reduce her pain, her family convinced her to try scrambler therapy. Meet her and find out about her Calmare treatment outcome.


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