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Calmare NJ USA is a pain management clinic using non-invasive scrambler therapy to eliminate or reduce treatment-resistant chronic nerve pain.

For many, medication and traditional pain management do not provide sustained pain relief. It’s time to offer another option.

This FDA-cleared pain relief treatment has no side effects, is non-addictive and safe for children, adults and seniors.

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Calmare Technology

The brain’s reaction to chronic pain can be compared to learning to play the piano or memorizing a poem − the more the body “practices” processing pain, the stronger the connections between pain nerves and the brain become.

When someone is injured, the brain sets up a process to heal the injury. For example, cells carry away dead tissue or it increases blood flow to the area. Eventually, the brain realizes the injury has healed and it cuts off the pain message.

But for some, the brain never sends that pivotal message saying “there’s no more injury here so you can stop the pain signal.” That’s where the Calmare scrambler device comes in.

Using several small electrodes (think an EKG) carefully placed in the region of the injury, the technology sends a mild “no pain” message to the brain through the electrodes.

Essentially, the scrambler machine “overrides” the brain’s confused message and corrects it to the ‘no pain here” message.

This process is repeated during 10 daily, painless treatments which lasts about 35 minutes each.

In the majority of cases, by the end of the cycle, there is no more pain signal emanating from the brain. In many cases, pain is lessened for the patient as soon as the first treatment.

Scrambler therapy was developed by Italian Professor Giuseppe Marineo, a researcher and bioengineer and the founder and manager of Delta Research & Development. Delta R&D is the Bioengineering Research Center affiliated with Tor Vergata University in Rome.

He named the technology “Calmare,” the Italian word for soothe or ease.

To help our own patients here in New Jersey, we specifically selected Professor Marineo’s device, which is U.S. FDA 510(k)-cleared and European CE mark-certified as a non-invasive pain therapy device. Click here to view our patients' stories.

This free-standing device is painless for the patient, has no side effects and requires no medication.

Patient-2-Patient Program

Now you can get firsthand information about what scrambler therapy is really like directly from other patients just like you.

If you are considering undergoing our treatment, we will put you in touch with one of our patient volunteers who was previously treated at Calmare Therapy NJ for the same or a similar medical condition.

From patients seeking RSD treatments, lessening chronic pain after chemotherapy, Shingles (PHN) treatment or therapy for pain after surgery, scrambler therapy provides a drug-free pain solution without any debilitating side effects.

Communicating by phone, email or other social media resource, you can talk about your concerns, ask questions, get informed.  

It’s that simple. More than 80 percent of the patients we have treated are pain-free or have reduced the depth of pain significantly and improved their daily quality of life. Now these patients want to “pay-it-forward.”

Call us at (201) 933-4440 or just complete the information form on our contact page, and we’ll put you in touch with our clinical director, Dr. Michael Cooney, who will talk with you about your medical history, medication usage and previous therapeutic efforts.

If you mutually determine you may respond positively to Calmare, we’ll put you in touch with one of our patients diagnosed with the same or similar medical condition.

Then you can find out, from an actual patient’s point-of-view, how this revolutionary, drug-free therapy may be able to help you resume the life you so richly deserve to live.

Please note that our P2P volunteers are not medical professionals and cannot offer any medical advice, recommendations or opinions.

Calmare Booster Therapy

For patients with medical conditions appropriate for Calmare Therapy, the standard treatment protocol is 10 consistent treatments over a two week period.

Most of the time, each treatment lasts about 35 minutes, but every patient is unique.

Depending on the severity of the original condition and the length of time the patient has been experiencing chronic pain, periodic booster treatments may be required to combat any return of pain.

Keep in mind, many patients never need further therapy, but in more advanced stages of prolonged or severe neuropathy, a single or series of boosters can be extremely useful against an elevation in pain.

The number of booster treatments required ranges from a single session to five or more treatments.

Patients who experience a recurrence of pain should document when the pain returns, subsides and what environmental issues were involved (stress, weather conditions, excessive use of the affected area) or if there was no specific cause for the elevation of pain.

Click here to read about Liz’s Calmare Booster Treatments (2018).

Click here for a video of Dr. Michael Cooney discusses Calmare booster treatments and why they can be helpful to some patients.

Meet Our Patients

We thank all of our patients for sharing their personal experiences with the chronic pain community.

Clinical Director Dr. Michael Cooney

Dr. Cooney is a doctor of chiropractic and highly experienced chronic pain management specialist with over 40 years of experience. He maintains a global patient base whom he treats from his warm and comfortable clinic located in Rutherford, New Jersey, USA.

Dr. Cooney has garnered global recognition for successful patient outcomes using Calmare scrambler therapy to lessen or eliminate chronic nerve pain in children, teens, adults and seniors.

Successfully administering Calmare since 2011, Dr. Cooney was one of the first doctors in the US to introduce Calmare scrambler therapy and is currently one of only seven (2022) Certified providers nationwide.

Dr. Cooney’s success administering scrambler therapy was featured on Pain Secrets: The Science of Everyday Pain, which aired nationwide on PBS (Nov. 2021 – Jan 2022).  

In the state of New Jersey, Dr. Cooney serves as a clinical expert witness on Workers’ Compensation cases related to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) cases.

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You can also email our friendly and efficient team at info@calmaretherapynj.com and we’ll answer your questions in 48 hours or less. If your question is urgent, call our clinic at (201) 933-4440.

Dr. Cooney at Calmare personally consults with every potential scrambler therapy patient.

Reach out for a no-fee phone or video consultation with our clinical director this week!

Learn more about Calmare scrambler therapy on these pages and then discuss your case directly with Dr. Michael Cooney.