What to Bring to Your Calmare Therapy Treatment Sessions


We received a great question from a family coming to New Jersey for Calmare scrambler therapy next week from California–

“What should we bring?

Of the hundreds of posts we’ve published since we introduced Calmare in 2011, we’ve never shared a list of suggested items to bring with you:

Fear not, problem solved below–

We like to think that our patients and their loved ones will be enthralled by our daily good humor, great looks and professional expertise, but just in case, here are some items that our patients and your Calmare team recommend you bring along for comfort during your therapy and your stay in the New Jersey/New York City area:

Keep in mind, after your pre-treatment consultation at your first visit, sessions 2-10 will be relatively brief–about 35 minutes.

However, you will spend ample time resting in your hotel or local lodging destination, so these assets will help keep your mind occupied:

Comfort and convenience items to bring during your Calmare Therapy

  1. Any recent medical documentation you have not emailed previously with your…
  2. New Patient Documents 
  3. A favorite blanket or pillow that provides comfort (thanks Melissa!)
  4. Reading materials, homework, electronic devices (which are fine to use during treatment)
  5. Casual, comfortable clothing
  6. Flip-flops, slippers, socks
  7. Refillable water bottle (thanks Tony!)
  8. Epsom salts for soaking between treatments
  9. Light snacks such as fruit, cheese sticks or nutrition bars
  10. Passwords to Netflix and other digital entertainment services
  11. Sneakers, sunscreen and some cash if you will be going into New York City

Finally, be sure to review How to Prepare for Your Calmare Therapy, which offers a broader view of how to optimally plan for your upcoming pain therapy from a holistic point-of-view.


Dr. Michael Cooney

To learn more about Calmare scrambler therapy, performed exclusively by globally-recognized scrambler therapy expert, Dr. Michael Cooney, reach out to us between 10 am and 5 pm Eastern Time at (201) 933-4440 or email us privately at info@calmaretherapynj.com. 

Calmare scrambler therapy is an FDA-cleared treatment for medication and therapy-resistant neuropathic pain.

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