Small Fiber Neuropathy Defeated by Scrambler Therapy

A college health medicine professor’s mobility was increasingly challenged by small fiber neuropathy in both feet. Previous podiatric and prescription pain medication failed to reduce her chronic pain.

After exhausting traditional pain management options, she turned to non-invasive Calmare scrambler therapy. After completing 10 therapy sessions, the professor’s daily pain level 7/10 (wearing shoes) was kicked out of class.

Calmare Pain Therapy TreatmentĀ® is a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical solution for pain control and drug resistant pain. It uses biophysical “scrambler” technology, a type of treatment for nerve pain that uses electrodes placed on the skin. Very low doses of electricity are transmitted from the electrodes through the skin to block the pain.

Pain may be a result of chronic conditions including injury, cancer and chemotherapy, diabetic pain, lower back pain, chronic neck pain, post surgical pain, failed back surgery syndrome, phantom limb syndrome, RSD, fibromyalgia, radiating pain and neuropathy.

We can’t think of a better way for this educator to roll into the summer. Thank you for entrusting your health and pain management to our Calmare team. Wishing you the best summer in years, professor!

We are happy to speak with people living with treatment-resistant chronic pain anytime. Feel free to call our New Jersey clinic at (201) 933-4440 or email us to schedule your consultation at info@infocalmaretherapynj-com.

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