Registered Nurse Achieves Fibromyalgia and Back Pain Relief after Scrambler Therapy

Karim, a registered nurse from Bolivia who now works in New Jersey, tried medications and invasive pain management procedures to reduce her daily fibromyalgia pain as well as neuropathy from three herniated disks.

Frustrated by the lack of improvement from pain medications and traditional pain management procedures, she turned to Calmare scrambler therapy, which she saw recommended on several Fibromyalgia support group websites.

Scrambler therapy is a drug-free FDA-cleared painless treatment with no side effects. The medical device gently changes the pain signal coming from the brain to a no-pain signal.

After completing the Calmare treatment protocol, Karim’s pain level was reduced to 1-2/10 for the first time in years. The healthcare professional tells her story below during a scrambler therapy treatment below: Performed exclusively by Dr. Michael Cooney, the pain mitigation device is suitable for most treatment-resistant nerve pain.

To find out if Calmare scrambler therapy might be right for you, answer a few questions here and our Calmare-Certified clinical director Dr. Michael Cooney will contact you within 48 hours after receiving your message. You are also invited to call our clinic directly at 201-933-4440.

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