Reconnecting with 16-Year-Old Evan Four Years after Successful Scrambler Therapy

Battling treatment-resistant nerve pain is often a long battle for the patient. While some of our patients may eventually experience pain again, or their manageable pain level increases over time, some of our Calmare scrambler therapy clients achieve a 100% pain-free state and never require further treatment.

Over the course of the next few months, we are revisiting patients who have undergone scrambler therapy treatments, achieved a 0 pain level, and the pain never returned.

Our first Calmare success story is Evan, who I treated in 2018 at age 13. Evan, diagnosed with CRPS and amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome (AMPS), arrived with a pain level of 8/10 with pain from his hand to his shoulder. He and his family were stunned when he left pain-free after 10 scrambler therapy treatments.

Evan, age 13, receiving his first of 10 scrambler therapy treatments for CRPS (2018).

But just a few months later, as kids will do, he re-injured the affected area, and the pain resumed. Evan and his family returned to us for five Calmare booster therapy treatments and he was back to a pain-free level.

“I clearly recall Evan’s case because he was just 13-years-old and experiencing a high level of neuropathy,” says Dr. Michael Cooney, clinical director. “Calmare met his family’s desire to find successful pain management that did not require opioids or painful treatments.”

Four years later, we reached out to Evan in May 2022, now age 16, to see how he is doing. Our interview is recapped below:

Evan, age 16 (2022)

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us. Long time no see!

Yes, well, it’s a good thing. After the treatment and the booster therapy when I re-injured my elbow, I’ve never had any pain again. I’m not even sure I can say I have CRPS, honestly. It’s been amazing.

How did the past 4 years change once you no longer experienced daily chronic pain?

I was able to get back into sports, which is really important to me. In fact, I’m on the varsity soccer team now, which I love. I also work as a bike mechanic, which requires you to contort yourself in odd positions sometimes. I have no problems at all with this. CRPS can also make you feel exhausted all the time, even as a teenager. I don’t miss that feeling at all. 

How has your pain-free status affected your family?

They spent years worrying that we’d never find a way around my CRPS. There’s no cure, which is a scary thing. The Calmare alleviated this worry for them, which is huge. Best of all, the treatment wasn’t painful for me to undergo and didn’t have any side effects.

Evan and his family enjoy a family vacation.

Does CRPS still affect your daily life?

Honestly, no. It was so scary when I was first diagnosed since there is no cure. I thought I was going to be in severe pain forever. But that didn’t happen and now I’m living a great life. I would say to anyone with CRPS that you should keep trying to find a treatment that works for you. Research and find out what’s out there. It’s worth it. We’re talking about your life here. Hopefully, your life without pain.

Plans for the future?

I’m interested in studying economics and aerospace engineering. Right now, I’m taking flying lessons, which is indescribably fun. The future is full of opportunities and I’m going to be there for them all, pain-free.

Would you like to share your Calmare Therapy experience?

If you have received successful Calmare Therapy, performed by Dr. Michael Cooney, we would love to share your follow-up story. Please email us your contact information at with your contact information.

Are you seeking pediatric pain management or treatment for CRPS?

If you are battling CRPS or experiencing treatment-resistant chronic nerve pain, we would be happy to schedule a no-fee consultation with you. Call our New Jersey clinic (located 10 miles from New York City) at 201-933-4440 or email us.

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