NYPD officer chooses Calmare Therapy for CRPS and thoracic outlet syndrome pain relief

Update: February 2023

Calmare therapy is a pain relief therapy for treatment-resistant chronic pain and several types of neuropathy.
John has trusted Dr. Michael Cooney with his chronic pain management since 2018. (February 2023)

John, a New York City law enforcement officer, first underwent Calmare Therapy for pain relief in 2018, four years after being diagnosed with CRPS. We were all elated at his remarkable treatment outcome (scroll down below to read his story).

In 2020, his pain level from complex regional pain syndrome began to steadily increase. He returned that year for three booster treatments, which were successful and returned his pain level to 0-2.

Learn more about Calmare booster treatment therapy.

This week, John returned for pain management to address a new diagnosis, thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS), a group of disorders that occur when nerves between the collarbone first rib (thoracic outlet) are compressed, resulting in shoulder and neck pain and finger numbness.

He was also seeking Calmare booster therapy to reduce CRPS pain. He presented with a pain level of 7-8/10 on Monday, January 30.

We advised John we had not treated TOS before but felt confident he would achieve pain relief. He underwent one scrambler treatment per day for four consecutive days. After his fourth pain management treatment on February 2, his pain level was a sustained 1/10.

John is Cane-Free After Battling CRPS for Four Years

May 2, 2018


John arrived from New York State two weeks ago, using a cane for mobility. His pain level was 8/9 due to a four-year battle with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), after an injury in the workplace. He tried countless medications and pain management treatments over the years, which were not successful. His therapy options, other than increasingly strong opioids, were limited.

John’s wife decided to try a different strategy–

She began to research alternative medicine options and discovered Calmare scrambler therapy, a drug-free, painless solution to combat chronic nerve pain, particularly nerve pain conditions like RSD / CRPS.

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Weeks later, John arrived at our clinic in New Jersey, feeling equal amounts of hope and skepticism, fearing he would be disappointed again, going home in the same level of pain.

John’s RSD Pain Level Decreases Throughout His Therapy

During the course of his Calmare treatments (once daily for 10 days) John’s pain level steadily improved:

  • After the first week, his pain level fell to a 4/5.
  • When he arrived for his sixth session, John was no longer using his cane.
  • By the conclusion of his tenth and final treatment, his pain level was reduced further to 3/4, and he was no longer using prescription pain medications.
John adds his pin to the Calmare global patient map after his successful pain management.

“I wanted to share John’s story because he represents some of our patients who do not leave pain-free, but their pain has been significantly reduced, and they are no longer using canes, wheelchairs and other devices to support mobility,” says Dr. Michael Cooney, clinical director at Calmare Therapy NJ USA.

But if you suffer from neuropathy, you can certainly appreciate the vast quality-of-life improvement managing a pain level of ¾ versus 8/9.

When you consult with Dr. Cooney and his team of scrambler therapy professionals, he will explain the variables that will play a role in your eventual outcome. That’s right, you will be speaking with our clinical director personally about your medical history. Why?

“Calmare is not right for every patient,” says Dr. Cooney. “By speaking with patients, I can assess if scrambler therapy is a viable treatment option.”

Schedule your no-fee phone, video or in-person consultation with Calmare clinical director Dr. Michael Cooney

Call the Calmare NJ USA clinic at (201) 933-4440 or email us privately at info@calmaretherapynj.com.

We’ll respond to your message within 48 hours.

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