Nancy Gets Back Pain Relief after 16 Years of Suffering

Nancy battled severe chronic back pain (primarily between L3 and both SI joints) and later arachnoiditis for 16 long years after several back surgeries, beginning with corrective surgery for scoliosis. The Virginian tried pain medications, more surgical procedures, steroids and physical therapy for pain management, without success. Her pain level reached 9.5/10, including some radiation in her leg.

Nancy eventually had 30 screws implanted into her spine.

She happened to see one of our posts on Instagram @calmare_nj_usa, contacted clinical director Dr. Michael Cooney for a phone consultation, and decided to take a chance on non-invasive Calmare scrambler therapy. She arrived at our New Jersey clinic two weeks ago in a wheelchair with a pain level of 9.5/10.

Last week, on the last day of her 10-treatment scrambler therapy series, Nancy described her post-treatment pain management outcome below, which also explains why we buy tissues by the truckload.

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