Megan Celebrates 3-Years Pain Free After Calmare Scrambler Therapy

We love social media. Since our patients are located around the globe, it’s a wonderful channel for us to stay in touch and watch our patients resume full lives after their treatment. We can also answer questions and chat when we’re connected at the same time.

megan is pain free after calmare therapy ended her pain from CRPS
Megan celebrates her new pain-free life after successful scrambler therapy.

This week, Nathalie, whose daughter Megan we treated for CRPS in 2019, posted on Dr. Cooney’s Facebook profile celebrating her three-year Calmare scrambler therapy treatment anniversary:

Dr. Cooney, our Megan Jane has been pain free from CRPS in her foot/leg for three years!! We will forever be grateful to you for this miracle! You truly are incredible and appreciated.


July 2019 Facebook Post by Megan

“It’s official, with the last treatment done I am going home pain free for the first time in 4 years. I could not be more grateful to the amazing Dr. Cooney for giving me back a life i’d never get to live again!!! I’m looking forward to all the adventures I’ll have. But first 2 weeks of rest and catching up on sleep, and physio to get those muscles back. The world’s biggest thank you to my amazing parents! Steven May and Nathalie Blanchard May for bringing me here and being my biggest support for the last 4 years. And of course to the love of my life Austin Milne for sticking by me through the worst of it and taking care of me when I couldn’t take care of myself ❤️. Also a big thank you to all the support everyone’s been sending my way these last 2 weeks it means more to me then you could ever know!!! Big hugs to everyone!!!! WE DID IT!!”

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Since 2011, Dr. Michael Cooney has reduced chronic nerve pain from a variety of medical conditions, in children (including amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome – AMPS), teens, adults and seniors.
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