12-Year-Old Olivia Kicks CRPS Pain Out the Door

Now THIS is the way we like to welcome the weekend:

Olivia, who has battled CRPS since 2020, added her Calmare warrior pin to the great state of Indiana on our global map this morning.

She developed CRPS after treatment for a broken wrist. When traditional pain management medications and therapies failed to manage her pain, her renowned pediatric pain management specialist in Indianapolis recommended the family consider Calmare Therapy. He recommended they contact Calmare NJ USA clinical director, Dr. Michael Cooney.

Dr. Cooney has specialized in the use of scrambler therapy to lessen physical symptoms and pain caused by complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) since 2011. In addition, the doctor also specializes in using it to treating children age 8 and older with pediatric neuropathy.

Olivia started the standard protocol of 10 treatments last week, achieving a pain reduction to 4/5 after 5 pain therapy sessions. And a smile emerged.

Calmare Therapy – Week 2

This morning, after the final treatment, Olivia left us at a 1/10 pain level for the first time in two long and painful years. Discharge instructions in hand, she’s going back home to the midwest to finish school and eventually start playing on her beloved softball team again.

Olivia and Dr. Cooney say goodbye before she and her family return to Indiana (April 2022)

If you or a loved one are in search of drug-free, non-invasive pain relief, we would be happy to speak with you about your case and answer questions about scrambler therapy. While Calmare is an ideal pain management option for many types of medication-resistant and treatment-resistant nerve pain, it is not right for everyone. Call 201-933-4440 or email us at info@calmaretherapynj.com. Wishing you a low-pain and joyful weekend!

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