Leanna Checks in Three Years After Calmare Therapy

We were delighted to see this post on Dr. Cooney’s Facebook timeline from Leanna, three years after her Calmare Therapy treatment to combat full-body CRPS. A longtime New Yorker, the smart and savvy businesswoman made a life change after her debilitating pain from complex regional pain syndrome condition was finally under control:

Posted to Dr. Cooney’s Facebook profile Nov. 17, 2022.

Below, Leanna describes her 2016 post-surgical CRPS diagnosis followed by years of frustration trying to find successful pain management–even in one of the world’s great healthcare centers, New York City. Eventually, she read other CRPS warriors’ accounts about their pain relief after undergoing Calmare scrambler therapy. She discovered Calmare Certified provider Dr. Michael Cooney, clinical director, Calmare Therapy NJ USA was located just 15 minutes outside Manhattan.

“I was out of options when I contacted Dr. Cooney and knew I had nothing to lose by trying an alternative pain therapy,” Leanna notes in her video. “To people with this disease, don’t give up hope. Try this treatment now. It can give you back your life.”

If you have treatment and medication-resistant chronic nerve pain, reach out to speak directly with Dr. Cooney about your case and mutually determine if scrambler therapy may be a viable solution to your pain management goals. Email us to set up a consultation at info@calmaretherapynj.com or call the clinic at 201-933-4440.

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