Honoring CRPS Awareness Month at Calmare Therapy

By Dr. Michael Cooney, Clinical Director

During November, CRPS Awareness Month, November 7 is Color the World Orange Day, which provides extra awareness of this disease (it’s more than a syndrome) and honors thousands of children, adults and seniors around the globe battling this invisible illness. Since we opened our doors in 2011, people battling this condition have come to New Jersey to undergo non-invasive scrambler therapy, which you will see throughout our website, and have significantly reduced their nerve pain level and the physical symptoms which can accompany this condition.

The spinal stims, Ketamine and countless pain medications simply don’t work for the majority of CRPS sufferers. There must be another option that does not result in causing more pain to the patient or further diminishing their quality of life with side effects.

Earlier this year, one of our patients created these CRPS bracelets while she underwent her 10 Calmare Therapy treatments. This month, we are presenting one of them to each of our patients to honor her and honor their fight:

Until there is a cure, there is the CRPS community, a group united in its fight to find a cure, lessen daily pain and give people back the quality of life they so richly deserve. I know that scrambler therapy plays an important therapeutic role in this battle. Traditional medicine has failed. Alternative therapies, like scrambler therapy, will not fail. We’ve seen this firsthand. With vigor and conviction, we fight on.

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