Dr. Michael Cooney Appointed CRPS Clinical Expert Witness


For Release:            August 30, 2021

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Dr. Michael Cooney Appointed CRPS Clinical Expert Witness by the State of New Jersey

RUTHERFORD, NJ─The Workers’ Compensation Court, State of New Jersey, has appointed Dr. Michael J. Cooney, clinical director, Calmare NJ USA, as a court-approved clinical expert witness about the medical condition Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).  

Dr. Cooney has successfully treated more than 500 CRPS patients over the past 10 years using the drug-free, non-invasive, alternative treatment Calmare scrambler therapy.

The pain management expert has been using scrambler therapy to reduce or eliminate severe nerve pain in children, adults and seniors with early-stage and late-stage CRPS. Dr. Cooney is one of only seven Calmare Certified providers in the US and has served as an instructional trainer for new scrambler therapy clinicians.

“Using my firsthand experience treating hundreds of people with CRPS, I can help the courts understand that alternative therapies, like Calmare, can replace expensive pain medications, debilitating opioids and invasive treatments at a lower cost and with improved patient outcomes,” says Dr. Cooney.

Dr. Michael J. Cooney

Cleared by the FDA, the Calmare MC-5A medical device lessens and eliminates nerve pain by painlessly scrambling the brain’s misfiring pain signal through a series of brief daily treatments for 10 days.

More than 75% of CRPS patients treated by Dr. Cooney have achieved marked and sustained nerve pain relief, allowing them to discontinue the use of mobility devices and resume normal daily function.

About Calmare NJ USA

Calmare NJ USA, headed by clinical director Dr. Michael Cooney, is a leading global provider of scrambler therapy to reduce chronic nerve pain resulting from injury, surgery or disease. He introduced Calmare at his Bergen County, NJ, chiropractic clinic in 2011 and today performs this treatment exclusively.

Patients experiencing medication and treatment-resistant neuropathy (chronic nerve pain) have traveled for his personalized treatment from as far away as Africa, Australia, Western Europe, South American, Canada and Mexico.

The non-invasive, drug-free therapy is performed using the patented MC-5A medical device, which uses several small electrodes (not placed directly on the pain site) to send a repeated cycle of mild “no pain” messages to the brain through the electrodes.

As a result, the scrambler device “overrides” the brain’s confused pain message and successfully corrects it to send a ‘no pain” message, resulting in pain reduction or alleviation. To learn more, visit calmaretherapynj.com or call (201) 933-4440.

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