Dr. Michael Cooney Featured on PBS Pain Management Program

dr michael cooney is a global expert in the use of calmare scrambler therapy
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Dr. Michael Cooney

As one of the leading providers of Calmare Therapy worldwide, Dr. Michael Cooney speaks about his 10 years of experience administering the FDA-cleared alternative therapy device designed to help people around the world debilitated by neuropathy.

The PBS program, Pain Secrets: The Science of Everyday Pain, airing nationwide, discusses the crisis in pain management and the efforts many practitioners promote to offer alternative medicine (non-invasive and medication-free) therapies to help people living with chronic and treatment-resistant pain.

With 40 years of experience treating acute and chronic pain, the New Jersey pain management expert was one of the first clinical providers to introduce Calmare scrambler therapy in the US back in 2011.

Today, he is one of the world’s leading experts in performing this ‘provider dependent’ treatment for children, teens, adults and seniors with advanced neuropathy.

“Drugs and traditional therapies to treat neuropathy simply don’t work for many people,” explains Dr. Cooney. “Alternative therapies are playing an increasingly essential role in offering relief to patients with treatment-resistant chronic pain.”

Dr. Thomas Smith of Johns Hopkins University also discusses his positive clinical research using scrambler therapy on clinical trial patients.

Calmare NJ USA patient Cal Uretsky, a New Jersey veteran who battled combat pain for more than 30 years, also appears on the program to explain the pain relief he finally achieved after undergoing the 10-treatment Calmare treatment protocol performed by Dr. Cooney.

Dr. Cooney and his 10 years of success administering Calmare Therapy were recommended to the producers of the PBS program by psychotherapist and pain management expert Cindy Perlin, editor of the Integrative Pain Management Newsletter. Perlin is also featured on the program.

Dr. Cooney is currently interviewing potential patients to undergo treatment in the first quarter of 2022. People interested in a video or phone consultation should reach out to info@calmaretherapynj.com or call (201) 933-4440.

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