Debbie is Pain-Free after Post-Surgical Nerve Pain

Debbie had chronic nerve pain that was resistant to pain medications and pain management. She turned to an alternative pain management therapy, Calmare scrambler therapy, and is now pain-free. Pain relief.

After lumbar disc surgery, Debbie experienced debilitating post-surgical pain and numbness in her right foot. Her nerve pain level hovered at a debilitating level, 8/10, and prescription pain medications and traditional pain management efforts didn’t phase the chronic pain she was experiencing around the clock.

Her brother-in-law is our patient and experienced pain relief from a chronic medical condition after undergoing scrambler therapy. Since traditional pain management failed, she arrived in New Jersey to undergo 10 treatments performed once daily.

Debbie’s smile above is hard to ignore. She was pain-free for the first time since her back surgery, reporting a 0/10 pain.

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At Calmare Therapy NJ USA, we are not phased by attacking chronic nerve pain when opioid pain medications and other pain management therapies and procedures fail. Most importantly, Calmare therapy is a drug-free, painless, side-effect-free chronic pain treatment.

In the wise words of our clinical director, Dr. Michael Cooney, “Don’t give up when traditional medicine fails–consider an FDA-cleared, alternative pain management treatment, like Calmare Therapy, to finally win your war against pain.”

For a no-fee phone or in-person consultation with Dr. Cooney, complete our email card, email us directly at or call 201-933-4440.

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