CRPS Warrior Thanks Dr. Cooney for Calmare Therapy 8 Years Later

In 2014, Chrissy, a well-known real estate professional, had devoted two long years to undergoing several traditional pain management solutions–medications, injections, repeated nerve blocks– to combat complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Frustrated and experiencing more pain (a pain spread) as time passed, She heard about Calmare Therapy and Dr. Michael Cooney’s success helping others to mitigate treatment-resistant chronic nerve pain.

With hope and prayers that she could finally find pain relief from an alternative medicine therapy, she underwent 10 scrambler therapy treatments, which would soon change the life of this busy professional.

She and Dr. Cooney explain her case and outcome below:

Eight years later, in 2022, Dr. Cooney was surprised and delighted to see this message posted on his social media profile (July 2022) from Chrissy:

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If you or a loved one are battling treatment and medication-resistant nerve pain from an injury or medical condition, non-invasive, drug-free alternative therapy like Calmare Therapy may help you finally eliminate neuropathic pain or significantly reduce your daily pain level.

pain management patients

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