Non-Invasive CRPS Treatment Finally Defeats Chronic Pain

CRPS warriors—sound familiar?

“I was determined to find relief from the constant pain from complex regional pain syndrome,” says Nicole, a 22-year-old from New York.

“I was treated by podiatrists, neurologists, pain specialists, physical therapists, acupuncturists. I dealt with more pain after injected medications and didn’t get any sustained relief from prescription pain medications.”

Ultimately, these efforts also failed to improve her quality of life and lessen her chronic nerve pain.

Nicole was diagnosed with CRPS about a year ago after a right foot injury at the gym. Since then, she’s only been able to stand and walk a few minutes per day due to severe weight-bearing pain.

Nicole heard about Calmare scrambler therapy’s success in decreasing and eliminating nerve pain and the physical symptoms associated with CRPS.

She contacted CRPS treatment specialist Dr. Michael Cooney for a no-fee phone consultation and decided immediately thereafter to undergo the 10-treatment scrambler therapy.

Dr. Michael Cooney and Calmare Therapy were featured on the 2022 PBS documentary, Pain Secrets: The Science of Everyday Pain.

The New Yorker arrived at Calmare NJ USA in October 2021 with a pain level between 7-10/10 and nerve pain continuing to spread from her foot up into the leg.

Nicole describes her Calmare Therapy journey with Dr. Cooney below:

If you suffer from chronic nerve pain, and medication and traditional pain management has not significantly reduced or eliminated your neuropathy, consider FDA-cleared scrambler therapy.

Calmare Therapy Benefits:

  • No drugs or painful procedures
  • Non-invasive
  • No side effects
  • Painless to undergo
  • Can be successful treating disease, injury and surgery-related nerve pain

Watch more of our patients share their personal experiences having Calmare Therapy on our YouTube channel:

Email us at or call (201) 933-4440 for a no-fee consultation with clinical director Dr. Michael Cooney.

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