Child with CRPS Turns Off Spinal Stimulator after Calmare Therapy

By Dr. Michael Cooney, Clinical Director

Briar is a child with CRPS who is nearly pain-free after having Calmare Therapy with Dr. Cooney
Twelve-year-old Briar was battling a 7-8/10 pain daily after a CRPS diagnosis.

Bryar is the youngest patient we treated with a spinal cord stimulator. Implanted after opioid medications and nerve blocks failed to reduce his high daily pain level in both knees, the boy’s pediatric neurologist recommended the family try Calmare Therapy, after the SCS, traditional pain medications and other pain management treatments failed to reduce or eliminate his pediatric nerve pain.

In lightening speed, his family brought him from the midwest to New Jersey for treatment recently. We are delighted to share this youngster’s fantastic outcome after completing 10 scrambler therapy treatments.

Bryar’s mother explains her son’s outcome:

Briar’s mother explains her son’s chronic pain relief after 10 scrambler therapy treatments (2023).

Why non-invasive pain management treatment is ideal for children and teens:

  1. Drug-free
  2. Painless to undergo
  3. Non-invasive–no needles or surgery
  4. No side effects
  5. Should pain return down the line, a few Calmare booster treatments can eliminate or reduce pain levels again for chronic pain conditions.
  6. Learn more on our Pediatric Chronic Pain page, call us to discuss your child’s neuropathic pain case at 201-933-4440 or email us privately at
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