Child with CRPS Gets Back on Her Feet after Calmare Therapy

Violette arrived with her mother from Quebec on January 22, 2024, using a wheelchair and crutches for mobility, due to debilitating nerve pain in her left leg as a result of diagnosed CRPS. When traditional pediatric pain management clinicians recommended powerful painkillers and invasive treatments to treat Violette’s pediatric neuropathy, her mother resisted.

Seeking a non-invasive pain management alternative that is safe for children she discovered Dr. Michael Cooney‘s success using Calmare scrambler therapy to combat CRPS and help children with treatment-resistant chronic pain. After a phone consultation to discuss her daughter’s case, the mother/daughter flew to New Jersey so that the 12-year-old could undergo the scrambler therapy protocol of 10 treatments, once daily over two weeks.

Violette’s mother explains below how her daughter’s CRPS pain level and mobility improved dramatically:

We were delighted to send 12-year-old Violet back to Quebec walking again, instead of using a wheelchair/crutches. Now, she will slowly resume independent walking again, taking care not to overdo or over-exert herself.

Learn more about scrambler therapy’s US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) clearance, and why this drug-free, painless treatment could be a solution for your child’s chronic nerve pain:

To schedule a phone consultation with Dr. Cooney, complete our query card on this, and Dr. Cooney will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your message:

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