Celebrating a Record-Breaking Year of Pain Management

Oh, what a year it has been! Founder and clinical director Dr. Michael Cooney welcomed his 1,200th patient battling chronic nerve pain and treated the youngest (age 5) and eldest (age 92) patients in our 12-year history.

We are deeply grateful to all of our pain warriors who trusted us with their pain management. Wishing you many happy and pain-free days on the road ahead. Meet some of our successful pain warriors below who battle many treatment-resistant nerve pain conditions, including:

  • CRPS
  • Shingles nerve pain (PHN)
  • Chemotherapy nerve damage (CIPN)
  • Sciatica/chronic back pain
  • Post-surgical pain
  • Arachnoiditis
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Pediatric neuropathy (AMPS)

Nipon had Calmare scrambler therapy and achieved pain relief from Shingles nerve pain, also called PHN
Nancy received chronic pain relief from Calmare scrambler therapy to relive back pain and symptoms of arachnoititis.
Briar is a child with CRPS who is nearly pain-free after having Calmare Therapy with Dr. Cooney

To find out if Calmare Therapy might be right for your chronic pain condition. complete this quick info card below for more information and a no-fee consultation to discuss your case by phone or video chat: https://calmaretherapynj.com/contact/

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Neuropathic Pain

Pediatric Chronic Pain

Sciatica & Chronic Back Pain

Shingles Nerve Pain (PHN)

Dr. Cooney at Calmare personally consults with every potential scrambler therapy patient.

Reach out for a no-fee phone or video consultation with our clinical director this week!

Learn more about Calmare scrambler therapy on these pages and then discuss your case directly with Dr. Michael Cooney.