Calmare Offers a Painless Solution to Chemotherapy Nerve Pain (CIPN)

Completing cancer treatment shouldn’t leave you in more pain. However, some cancer warriors are left with severe nerve pain after chemotherapy, called chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy or CIPN.

Thankfully, Calmare scrambler therapy has been FDA-cleared to treat CIPN.
Best of all, there are 0 side effects, no downtime, medication-free and painless to undergo.

After completing her chemotherapy treatment, she tried unsuccessfully to use pain medications and pain management treatments to relieve the nerve pain. In April 2024, Michelle arrived at our pain management clinic with an 8/10 neuropathic pain in her mid-back and left leg.

We got to work using Calmare scrambler therapy. After completing the 10-treatment protocol, Michelle was pain-free for the first time in over a year.

Her case has been deeply meaningful to our Calmare team, as we have all been affected by cancer in our family’s lives. We could not be happier for Michelle.

To learn more about post-chemotherapy nerve pain treatment, call our New Jersey Calmare clinic at 201-933-4440 or complete the Contact Us card, and Dr. Cooney will contact you directly.

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