Why You Should Carefully Choose Your Calmare Pain Management Doctor

By Dr. Michael J. Cooney, Clinical Director

Dr. Michael Cooney

The ultimate success of your Calmare Therapy depends on several variables.

Other than being correctly pre-qualified as a patient candidate, the provider administering your Calmare scrambler therapy will have a critical impact on your overall pain management success.

It is essential that your Calmare provider have extensive expertise, professional training and clinical skills (treated many patients with your condition successfully) to optimally diagnose the precise location of the original pain site/s and set the MC-5A Calmare device accurately to support sustained pain relief.

Four key Calmare provider responsibilities

Firstly, any healthcare provider who completes the training can legally administer the device, from massage therapists and physical therapists to chiropractors and pain management physicians. In my opinion, the Calmare provider must have extensive expertise in treating acute and chronic pain along with previous pain management care for hundreds (ideally thousands) of patients.

In addition, these clinicians should be well versed in treating pain without using narcotics and invasive treatments that only serve to cause more pain to the patient.

Before introducing Calmare at my New Jersey pain management clinic in 2011, I treated patients with acute and chronic pain for 30 years.

See Dr. Cooney and Calmare Therapy featured on the PBS program “Pain Secrets: The Science of Everyday Pain” (2022)

The provider uses their expertise to customize the treatment for every patient’s pain using these four key steps in the therapy process:

  1. Strategically positioning each of the scrambler therapy leads on the patient’s body in accordance with the original injury and current pain regions
  2. Administering, monitoring and adjusting the device settings during each of the 10 treatments
  3. Managing and responding to ongoing patient feedback
  4. Monitoring day-by-day pain management levels based on patient input

 At my clinic, I will be your Calmare provider 100 percent of the time, from start to finish ─ no assistants, no support staff. 

The placement of the leads (patches), attached to each of the device’s algorithms, must be precisely positioned to successfully alleviate chronic nerve pain.

If these leads are placed in the incorrect area of the body, this reduces the overall efficacy of the Calmare MC-5A technology to optimally perform its job–reducing or eliminating your nerve pain and related physical symptoms.

As a Calmare provider since 2011, I have treated more than 1,000 patients from around the world–successfully.

I have also served as an expert Trainer for new doctors introducing Calmare to their practices.

This is a responsibility I take very seriously.

How to choose your Calmare provider
Clinical Director Dr. Michael Cooney places the scrambler therapy leads on a CRPS patient.

The most experienced Calmare Therapy providers have received a careful review and on-site examination by the company’s administrators, who may or may not designate the top providers as Calmare Certified. I strongly encourage you to seek out these providers for your therapy.

Secondly, ask the provider you are considering how many patients they have treated with your specific chronic pain condition ─ back and neck pain, post-surgical pain, RSD / CRPS / fibromyalgia, pain after chemotherapy, diabetic neuropathy, etc.

Your Calmare technology will be most successful when your chosen provider has advanced expertise in the placement of each lead.

Finally, peruse the internet and read reviews about the provider you are considering.

Get firsthand information about what scrambler therapy is really like by connecting directly with our previous patients.
Speak with our Calmare Therapy clients

At Calmare NJ USA, we offer an exclusive program called the Patient-2-Patient program, where you can be in contact with one of our previous patients who has a similar medical condition to your own.

Who better to share their scrambler therapy treatment experiences and outcomes than our own patients?

Anyone choosing Calmare should ensure the treatment is performed by a healthcare professional specially-trained in the diagnosis and treatment of several types of advanced neuropathy.

As a friendly reminder, I am happy to speak with people living with treatment-resistant chronic pain anytime. Feel free to call my office at (201) 933-4440 or email us to schedule your consultation at info@calmaretherapynj.com.

Finally, I commend you on considering a non-invasive, drug-free alternative pain management treatment. I wish you every success in your treatment efforts and many pain-free days in the future.

With kind regards,

Dr. Michael Cooney

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