Spine Universe Highlights Dr. Michael Cooney with Patient

May 4, 2021

Spine Universe has been a longtime leading professional and patient-targeted publication for pain sufferers and professionals who treat acute and chronic pain related to spine damage or disease.

Today, longtime health journalist Susan Spinasanta released a new report on the merits of using alternative therapy to lessen or eliminate neuropathy.

Her article is told through the vantage point of one of our Calmare patients, Sharlene, who treated with us earlier this year after a three-decade-long battle with arachnoiditis pain.

Sharlene arrived at Calmare Therapy NJ USA after trying to reduce her pain for 30 years (2021).

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Michael J. Cooney, DC, is Clinical Director of Calmare NJ USA based in Rutherford, NJ and one of 7 Calmare Certified providers in the United States. He said, “Sharlene came in and after 2 weeks [10 treatments] she was pain free. I also recently completed treatment of another patient with arachnoiditis who had been in pain for about 3 years. Now his pain level is between zero and one.

Spine Universe
calmare scrambler therapy patients

Remarkably, it is non-invasive, drug-free, has no side effects and is painless to undergo.

Regardless of pain level and physical symptoms, neuropathic pain can be significantly reduced—or fully alleviated—after a series of 10 scrambler therapy treatments, performed once per day.

On behalf of Calmare Therapy NJ USA, we would like to thank Susan and the Spine Universe team for their continued support of medication-free, painless and non-invasive therapies that can free people in pain–without debilitating side effects.

Your support of our efforts is immeasurably appreciated.

Consult with Dr. Michael Cooney about your treatment-resistant neuropathic pain.

If you’d like to learn more about Sharlene’s journey to a pain-free life, watch this short video.

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