Canadian Ends Shingles Nerve Pain (PHN) After 2.5 Years

Nipon battled burning nerve pain after battling Shingles since January 2021. He aggressively tried pain medications and other traditional pain management therapies to overcome the constant burning pain he experienced primarily in his lower extremities.

Nipon had Calmare scrambler therapy and achieved pain relief from Shingles nerve pain, also called PHN

Eventually, after these pain relief efforts failed, he was forced to leave his physically demanding job when he could no longer perform his responsibilities. The Canadian researched alternative treatments for his condition, Post-Herpetic Neuralgia (PHN), and discovered our work using Calmare scrambler therapy to overcome this notoriously treatment-resistant neuropathy.

We are delighted to report that he arrived at a pain level of 6/10 and left at a 0-1/10 for the first time in 2.5 years, after completing 10 Calmare Therapy treatments. Nipon describes his experience at Calmare Therapy in September 2023 below:

“Successfully reducing the burning nerve pain from Shingles is very difficult for traditional medicine to treat,” notes Dr. Michael Cooney, clinical director. “Nipon’s case was challenging, but we have been delighted with his pain relief, even after living with significant neuropathy for years.” Dr. Cooney notes that like any treatment or medication, scrambler therapy does not work for everyone. “In most cases for patients who are successful, we begin to see improvement by the fourth or fifth treatment.”

How chronic nerve pain can be a byproduct of the Shingles virus.

If you are battling nerve pain after Shingles, or any type of treatment and medication-resistant nerve pain, call 201-933-4440 or email us at to learn more.

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