New Mother Describes CRPS Pain Relief after Calmare Scrambler Therapy

May 27, 2021

Erin shown smiling again with Dr. Michael Cooney and her beautiful baby.

Update from Erin Cull Lynch (Facebook post October 26, 2021)

“Thank you to Calmare NJ for giving me my life back! Giving me the ability to raise my son, have my husband back and finish school. Dr. Cooney changes lives forever! IF you are ready for a holistic pain change please read below! Dr. Cooney is amazing!”

Sometimes the words of our patients are the only words needed:

“Many of you have been asking what CRPS is like, how I treated it and ultimately failed while doing so.

I wanted to create this video to show that there is HOPE amongst this terrible disease. I wouldn’t lie by sharing all of this information, I have friends who suffer with CRPS and I know the desperation.

I’m here to pass along some hope, an understanding that there IS something that works!

Allow me to set the stage–

Before I left for Calmare treatment with Dr. Michael Cooney in New Jersey, I was a new mother, nearly bedridden and unable to take care of my home and or life.

Today, I can truly see the other side of the rainbow.”


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Our deepest thanks to Erin for sharing her heroic story and candidly sharing her medical history and successful Calmare Therapy outcome. We are forever grateful for your generosity and your candor.

Meet more Calmare NJ USA patients on our Calmare NJ YouTube channel:

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