Lia is Pain-Free Two Years After CRPS Diagnosis

September 28, 2022

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September 28, 2022

By Dan McAnulty
“One of the worst things we experience as parents is seeing our children in pain and not being able to help. We found ourselves in that situation with our daughter almost two years ago when she was diagnosed with CRPS. The only option presented to us for her was medication, which came along with substantial side effects. After experiencing this for two years, we knew there had to be a better way.

We found that way with Dr. Cooney and Calmare Therapy NJ. Dr. Cooney took the time to understand her pain and history and tailored her therapy to her. He made us all (especially Lia) feel welcome and laid out a clear path to being pain free.

We have completed the therapy with Dr. Cooney and are closely following his post-therapy directives; and are ecstatic with the results.

For the first time in two years, Lia is pain-free without taking any medication. Dr. Cooney has given us our daughter back.

We cannot say enough about the positive experience we had with Calmare Therapy NJ, and especially Dr. Cooney.”

October 1, 2022

By Dr. Michael Cooney

It’s Friday, a day I always pray will end with a pain-free patient heading back home, to live a much better life with less or no pain. As a parent, I always have a soft spot for our younger patients. They should not be saddled with living a life filled with pain.

This week, a young basketball play from Pennsylvania made my week. Over two long years, she had no success using prescribed pain medications, physical therapy or injections to reduce her CRPS pain after an ankle injury in 2020.

When she arrived at our clinic, she was living with a constant pain level of 7/10 pain level and not at all happy about it, understandably. To be honest, I’m not sure if Calmare Therapy was her preference or her parents, but she had already been through so much pain management, her hopes were not terribly high.

Fast forward to her tenth and final Calmare scrambler therapy treatment this morning; I got a thumbs up! Lia was a 0/10 = pain-free!

This is a pain-free smile.

She will follow our post-treatment protocol to the letter and head back to high school on Monday, where she belongs. My week is a success. Thank you, Lia.

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