We proudly tout the pain-reducing attributes of Calmare Therapy every day. But for someone considering this new therapy, results speak louder than our words, and we can certainly appreciate that.

Starting in the summer of 2011, we will begin sharing some of our patient stories, with their permission, of course. We will present a variety of patients who have been living with chronic pain for too long.

In their own words, they share their own personal stories of pain, treatment searches, frustration and, eventually, alleviation of pain with Calmare Therapy.

Patient video accounts of their experiences with Calmare are also available.

We offer our heartfelt thanks to these patients who generously offered to share their personal experiences. We are most  appreciative for your candor and your support.

October 2016 – Emi Hewatt (Australia)

March 2016 – Michael Kost, New York

February 2016 – Teresa Burns, Alabama

January 2016 – Chloe Bulmer (Australia)

December 2015 – Paul Ellis, Queensland

June 2015 – Gabriel, New Jersey

April 2015 – John, New Jersey

April 2015 – Katie, New Jersey

March 2015 – Liz, Colorado

January 2015 – Ann (87) and Katie (16)

May 2014 – Pattie Sgherza, Australia

April 2014 – Kara Stomp

March, 2014 – Joy Morris, WV

May, 2013 – Deena Lotridge, PA

May, 2013 – Matt Hannon, MS

April, 2013 – Deena, PA

March, 2013 – Melissa, NJ

February, 2012 – Senior Male, NJ

May 2011 – Jamie (child), OH

December, 2011 – Bill, MI

June, 2011 – Amanda Davidson, IN