Cell dysfunction is the source of inflammation, pain and disease
Through the examination of nerve cells, we can diagnose potential inflammation, which may the root cause of chronic pain symptoms.

Our goal for every patient is to offer the very best Calmare scrambler therapy experience possible. Our clinical director, Dr. Michael Cooney, has performed successful therapy on nearly 1,000 patients since he began offering scrambler therapy in 2011.

He has also served as a professional Calmare Pain Therapy trainer to other doctors, from India to California.

In 2018, our program has expanded again to offer two additional services, added to the 10-treatment series.

Patient Benefits of Two New Diagnostic Services – Only at Calmare NJ USA

Before your Calmare Therapy treatments begin, you will undergo two tests that diagnose cell health, the foundation for optimal brain and body health.

These simple blood (prick-only) and cognitive (performed online) tests measure cell health and inflammatory balance.

Nerve cells (neurons) stained and mounted for microscopic examination of health, abnormalities or inflammation.

It gives us (your treatment provider) a precise diagnostic measurement of the health of your cells and the overall nervous system.

Your brain’s connectors can become stronger or weaker over time due to small and repetitious physical, nutritional, or emotional events.

Brain health markers can be quantified by analyzing essential fatty acid biomarkers in your blood cells.

The Omega-3 Index Factor in Treating Nerve Pain

In partnership with our Calmare scrambler therapy, we concentrate on:

  • Omega-3 Index
  • Inflammatory Index
  • Palmitic Acid Index

A high Omega-3 Index can help provide effective pain relief for people with chronic musculoskeletal pain.

How BrainSpan™Cell Health Diagnostics Can Help Reduce Chronic Pain 

Neuropathies (chronic pain) can be a direct result of deficiencies in the Omega 3’s that ultimately results in an inflammatory process (inflammation), which can lead to a prolonged pain cycle referred to as chronic pain or neuropathy.

We are excited to introduce these two new and non-invasive diagnostic tools as a valuable partner alongside our Calmare scrambler therapy treatment protocol.

If you are approved to begin Calmare Therapy with us here in New Jersey, save time and download your New Patient Forms.