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Dr. Michael Cooney discusses Calmare Therapy booster treatment therapy

In video format, Dr. Michael Cooney discusses Calmare booster treatments and why they can be helpful to some patients, particularly those with severe RSD / CRPS, after the standard ten 45-minute treatment protocol has been completed. For many patients, one, two or three additional treatments, months or even years after the initial therapy, can help alleviate any reoccurrence of pain.  To learn more, Dr. Cooney also outlined the booster program here.   Gina, one of our RSD patients from here in New Jersey, sent us this great message after her booster session in July

When no one can hear you scream…

September 27, 2012

Last week, a doctor blogger  wrote about the debilitating chronic pain an older patient was forced to endure after chemotherapy and radiation treatment in one of my favorite medical blogs, Well, in the New York Times,  He survived the cancer — but lives with never-ending pain.   

Calmare Therapy is (apparently) still little-known in the medical community. In fact, it is a non-invasive and highly successful treatment for chronic pain, particularly chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN).

I’m haunted by a statement in the article by the daughter of the patient cited who says, “I’ll never forget what my father had to go through,” she said, weeping. “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.”

If only this man, his family, or, more importantly, his team of oncologists, surgeons and pharmacists had even an inkling about the benefits of Calmare Therapy for this kind of pain, this man’s quality of life could be so much better. If only.

For we lucky healthcare practioners who have seen people’s lives forever improved after Calmare treatment, reading these kinds of articles is like being in a room where no one can hear you scream…

To learn more about Calmare Therapy for CIPN pain:

Sept. 21: Dr. Cooney appears on “RSD and You”

September 21, 2012

For the past year, I’ve had the honor of guesting on Joseph Aquilino’s “RSD and You” BlogTalk radio program.  Joey has a tremendous national following of people who are living with chronic pain conditions. He has suffered with severe RSD as a result of a workplace accident nearly five years.  He recently underwent Calmare Therapy for the first time and had the most positive results with this non-invasive, drug-free therapy than others he tried. You can follow his Calmare treatment diary here.

If you’d like to listen to my most recent program and hear the latest news about Calmare, where we also answer callers’ questions, just click here. 

We get by with a little help from our Calmare patients

September 20, 2012

When we made the committment to offering our patients a non-invasive, drug-free option for chronic pain, Calmare Therapy, we knew we would undoubtably face the scrutiny of representing a “new” therapy that was virtually unknown in most pain treatment circles. So far, I’m pleased to say, the road has been mostly free of controversy and push-back. And when we arrive at the office to see a message from one of our patients shown below, the journey is absolutely worth it.

Gina is shown here with her beautiful family. She has suffered from severe, debilitating RSD pain for some time. She’s undergoing a round of Calmare booster treatments now, and sent us this message after her first booster yesterday:

“I know we have said it before but thank you!!! That’s not enough to say those words……you change lives!!!!!
Dr. Cooney, Dr. Michael, Cathy & Barbara are the MOST AMAZING PEOPLE we have been Blessed to meet!! Ok enough of my babbling…lol. Monday over 10 pain by the time we left I was 7. Went yesterday and left 5. Ok today I left and I was 1.5/2!!! Can’t wait to get there tomorrow!!!
I met a young lady after I came out and I have been praying that she had some success with calmare!! Off to rest because I don’t want to over due it!!! Have a great night everyone. xoxoxo.”

Guest blogger – Our front desk associate, Cathy, talks about Calmare

Cathy Schnackenberg Gruszka

September 14, 2012

My name is Cathy Schnackenberg Gruszka and I have known Dr. Michael Cooney since I was 17-years- old and my Mom said I should go see the new chiropractic doctor here in Rutherford, New Jersey. Mind you, I never imagined 35 years later I would be working for Dr. Cooney because I had no clue as to what a chiropractor did!  After meeting him, I immediately felt a connection with Dr. Cooney so of course I told my four sisters about him. They have gone to him ever since and we were one of the first families to treat at his practice before it has grown into what we have now.

Today, I’m honored to be an employee of Dr. Cooney and work as his front receptionist at the practice. My personal and professional mission is to get the word out that I truly see miracles happen here with the Calmare Therapy. I am not saying it works for everyone, however, what I witness every day are true miracles. I see people come in saying they have had certain pain where they are ready to give up all hope, some say we are their last resort, some are so skeptical but are nonetheless willing to try the Calmare because they still have that flicker of hope.

I will tell you this, I love my job!!!! I love seeing patients leave here with a huge smile on their faces. When they say to us, “This office has given my life back to me…”well, words cannot express how I feel. The best part of being part of Dr. Cooney’s group is that I get to meet so many wonderful people from around the United States and even around the world! Although they sometimes tell me I have touched their lives, truly they have touched mine.

I feel extremely lucky to be working here where miracles happen. If anyone suffers from non-stop pain and wonders, “Would this work for me?” I definitely can tell you in all honesty that I recommend you give it a try. You have nothing to lose.

I, on the other hand, have much to gain ─ I get to meet so many wonderful people and play a small part in helping them get back to enjoying their lives again.

Recommended: “Life as a young adult with RSD / CRPS”

One of our patients established a well written and informative blog, Life as a Young Adult with RSD /CRPS. She started Calmare Therapy with us this week after interacting with us and our patients on Facebook. She is chronicling her Calmare experience on this blog and we’d like to share her most recent post. You can also subscribe to her blog to follow her progress.

Calmare Day 3 Update- A Fantastic Day!

So had session 3 today of calmare. It went really well. By the time i got home, my pain level was at about a 4 out of ten.  Keep in mind that’s after a long commute down the Jersey Turnpike. it remained that most of the day. It spiked a bit in my back when i lifted some heavy containers (stupid me!), but my legs remained at a 4! I took a shower tonight and i have to say it was probably the first time i actually enjoyed  a shower in at least a year! I could shave my legs and use shower gel on a poof and the water actually felt great! I’m very pleased with how much the sensitivity to touch has decreased! I didn’t expect that to happen! I was only expecting pain relief. In fact, it lowered the spiked back pain back to a four! Now its almost bedtime, my worst time and my pain’s at about a 5 out of ten. I’m really pleased! And i blowdryed and straightened my hair! I haven’t straightened my hair since the fall of 2011.

Dr. Cooney to guest on “RSD and You” Fri., June 22

Dr. Michael Cooney, director of the Calmare program at Rutherford Allied Medical Group, will appear on Joseph Aquilino’s RSD and You” Blog Talk Radio  program Friday, 6/22 at 3 p.m eastern time.  This episode should be particularly interesting as Joseph is currently undergoing Calmare Therapy treatment (with another doctor).

Joseph has been living with severe RSD after a work-related accident several years ago. To date, other treatment efforts have been unsuccessful. He is chronicling his Calmare treatment on Facebook here!/groups/calmarejourney/

You may wish to register with Blog Talk Radio in advance so you can post live questions for Dr. Cooney online and read the ongoing IM dialogue during the show. You can also call in to talk directly with Dr. Cooney at (310) 982-4253 once the show is underway.

RSD patient posts update on her Calmare Therapy today

June 5, 2012

One of our patients shared her Calmare treatment update on her (public) Facebook page today:

“Very good results today at Calmare Nj
Anyone who has been unable to find a ketamine inpatient program near them or is just looking to try something different at this point for pain relief, I highly recommend trying out Calmare. I tried it today and after one hour, my neck pain was taken from a 6 down to a 2.

I had previously been concerned that it could cause my full left sided RSD to spread to… my right side but after hearing exactly how it works, seeing and feeling it, I don’t believe there is any way it could cause spread.

It definitely does have the ability to provide excellent pain reduction though. The only other time I have had such rapid pain reduction in a large area that lasted for hours was with a bolus injection of ketamine.

Unfortunately, like outpatient ketamine, Aetna will not cover Calmare. However, the cost savings from prescription and doctor copays over six months or more that this may provide relief may pay for the treatment itself. Pricing is also comparable with ketamine.

I particularly recommend anyone considering a spinal cord stimulator try this first since it is non invasive.”
Dawn, PA
Condition: RSD

California woman travels 3,000 miles to NJ to finally end myofascial pain syndrome (MPS)

Amy RatnerAmy Ratner had tried more therapies for her CRPS and  myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) than she could even recount.

After hearing about Calmare from a family friend in Ohio, Amy flew to NJ for treatment with Dr. Cooney.

Ten treatments later, she flew home with 0 pain. Here, she shares her story.

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