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Introducing Calmare NJ’s Patient-2-Patient Program

Offered Exclusively at Calmare Therapy NJ

 Many people living with severe chronic pain have tried a myriad of medications, invasive procedures and even alternative treatments without success.

But Calmare Therapy is an FDA-cleared, painless, drug-free scrambler therapy that is truly different.

 And our patients want to tell you about it.

 The “P2P” Program at Calmare NJ: 

Now you can get firsthand information about Calmare from other patients just like you. If you are considering Calmare scrambler therapy treatment, we will put you in touch with one of our patient volunteers who was previously treated for the same  neuropathic condition. By phone, email or other private social media resource, you can share your concerns, ask questions, get informed. (Our patient volunteers are not compensated).

It’s that simple. More than 80 percent of the patients we have treated are
pain-free or have reduced the depth of pain significantly. Now these patients want to “pay-it-forward” to others just like them.

Come in and try Calmare with no obligation:

Come in to Calmare NJ and undergo a full treatment (40 to 60 minutes). Many patients actually experience a lessening of pain on the first treatment. If you choose to undergo the remaining nine treatments, this treatment will count as your first of 10 Calmare sessions. If you decide it is not for you, there is no charge for the treatment or the private consultation with one of our doctors.

Next Steps:

Call us at (201) 933-4440 or just complete the Information Form (below) and we’ll put you in touch with one of our doctors who will talk with you about your medical history, medication usage and other therapies you have tried.

If we mutually determine you may respond positively to Calmare scrambler therapy, we’ll put you in touch with one of our patients diagnosed with the same or similar medical condition. Then you can find out, from an actual patient’s point-of-view, how Calmare can make your life so much better.

A CIPN patient from Amsterdam comes to NJ for Calmare Therapy

The recent findings by the University of Wisconsin that Calmare Therapy is one of the first therapies discovered to successfully treat chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) during and after chemotherapy treatment  is making a big impact on the cancer therapy community. In the next few weeks, we will welcome patients from as far away as The Netherlands who are coming to NJ to seek treatment for this debilitating pain. We hope that one of these patients will share their experience on video that we can share with you all. Until then, wishing you a peaceful, happy and pain-free weekend.

New U. of Wisconsin study supports Calmare for CIPN treatment

More and more cancer patients are surviving the disease but suffer with debilitating pain as a result of chemotherapy treatment, particularly in the feet and hands. The nerve damage can affect the patient’s ability to walk and use their hands. But an NBC News affiliate broadcast this new report on October 11 about a new  clinical study by the University of Wisconsin which determined Calmare’s MC-5A scrambler therapy is the first known therapy to show measurable results in helping to alleviate CIPN pain. “This technology has consistently shown very impressive results in our blind study, ” reports Toby Campbell, MD, chief of Palliative Medicine, University of Wisconsin.

As a result, a larger more extensive study has been approved. For anyone interested in participating in the study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, call 800-622-8922.

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