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Mayo Clinic shares another CRPS patient positive outcome after Calmare Therapy

October 23, 2015

By Dr. Michael J. Cooney, Clinical Director

Slowly but surely, the major research institutions are beginning to recognize what we’ve been doing here in New Jersey for the past four years is truly worth studying and testing–

mayo clinicYesterday, the Mayo Clinic reported on another clinical trial patient battling complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and the remarkable outcome she achieved after undergoing Calmare’s MC-5A scrambler therapy treatments.

Patient Quotation (excerpt):

“I had accepted the fact that I’d probably live my entire life in pain,” she says. “Now, the scrambler is working wonders for me. For the first time in five years, I feel like I’ve finally found a treatment that can permanently change my future.”1

How does Calmare’s scrambler device work?

The Mayo Clinic explains (excerpt):

“Scrambler therapy works by using a nerve stimulation device to mix another signal into the transmission from the damaged nerves to the brain. Basically, it replaces the information that signals pain with information that does not signal pain. The therapy involves placing electrodes connected to the scrambler device on the skin near damaged nerves. The scrambler sends painless electrical signals to those nerves that they relay to the brain. The new signals break the pain cycle and retrain the brain to understand that it is not really experiencing pain.”1

Ensure your Calmare provider has extensive expertise treating CRPS and RSD successfully

I’ve stated this before but it bears repeating:

Calmare is a “provider dependent” therapy:

camare foot image with leadsYour Calmare doctor determines the exact placement of your leads (key to transmitting the pain signal messaging) in accordance with the original injury site.

Depending on the patient’s response, these leads may need to be moved at some point during the 10-treatment series.

The doctor must understand the anatomy of the body and the manner in which the pain message is being transmitted to and from the brain in order for Calmare to optimally do its job.

If the doctor does not accomplish this task, the patient’s pain  and symptom relief can be significantly diminished–or not successful at all.

Calmare Certified Location LogoTwo key questions to ask your potential Calmare provider:

  1. Are you Calmare Certified?
  2. How many patients have you successfully treated with (your specific medical condition): CRPS, RSD, PHN, CIPN, diabetic neuropathy, post-surgical pain…

Scrambler Therapy can relieve debilitating pain and symptoms from several neuropathic conditions

Here in New Jersey, we specialize in treating CRPS and RSD. But we have also achieved outstanding patient outcomes treating many other conditions as well:

I’d like to learn more about using the Calmare device to treat my chronic pain condition

Great!  You can call us directly at 201.933.4440 and talk with our CRPS team specialists (or ask to speak to me directly). If I’m with a patient, I’ll call you back. You are also welcome to email me at

Or fill out the information below and we’ll reach out to you:

Welcoming Calmare patient with CRPS from Australia

May 1, 2014

Australia flagI took a few days of R & R with my family last week but, to be honest, I was eager to get back and check-in on my existing Calmare scrambler therapy patients and start our standard 10-treatment series protocol for a lovely woman who arrived here last weekend from Perth, Australia. She began treatment on Monday, April 28.

She was diagnosed with chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS) in 2012 after knee surgery. Her CRPS condition expanded into her left leg and eventually up to her right arm.

We began corresponding earlier this year and she ultimately took the long, long 24-hour plane ride (particularly with her chronic pain condition) from Perth to New York City.

When she arrived, her pain level bounced between 7 – 9 . Thus, our challenge is substantial. After three Calmare treatments, I can say, “So far, so very good.” I look forward to updating you on her progress going forward.

Dr. Michael Cooney

My latest article on Spine Universe about Calmare scrambler therapy helping a pharma tech with severe RSD

spine-universe logoBy Dr. Michael J. Cooney

For those of you who know me, you’re fully aware that I don’t tend to support using debilitating and expensive painkillers to treat pain.

Imagine the irony when  a patient from Maryland came to see me, suffering with severe RSD, who  worked for a pharmaceutical company.

I’ve written about her treatment story  in my new column for, a terrific resource for anyone with head pain and migraines, neck pain and back pain. I highly recommend their site for accurate and up-to-the-minute research findings.  I hope you enjoy it.


Our Calmare patient shares her summer update

Note from Dr. Cooney:

“I received this message this morning and won’t name the patient to retain her privacy.  She came to us with severe RSD, but had a very positive response earlier this year.  I am going to mention in my letter back to her not to do too much every day and not to worry about scheduling a booster treatment unless her pain comes back!

As you can see, this is not a women who is going to let RSD take her down… This letter is the best way in the world for my week to begin.  I have a great job.”

Hey my favorite group of people!!!! I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day Doc! I just want to thank you again for the awesome job you do! I can’t tell you enough times that God sent us to you and your magic machine. I am almost off  Lortab; I have weaned myself to a half of a 10 twice a day and have 2 days left, then I start working on the last 4.

Before therapy, I would literally lose days during the week but now I think I am gaining days to make up for lost time 🙂

Since I have been home, I have only missed Sunday church service twice and can wear my 


heels now too!!! This coming weekend is our grand-daughter’s birthday and I am so excited!! Then the next weekend, I’m going for a 3-day music fest–and rollercoasters!!!

In July, we are taking a weekend to go visit friends–and more rollercoasters!!

August….Jury duty, our anniversary weekend at the beach, our daughter is getting married, plus drag racing in between all that.

In Sept. or Oct., we are coming back to see you for a booster treatment!!! I want to come where I can get a Friday and Sat appt. just to give me a good jump on the cold weather sets in.

OH!! Since I have left Jersey I have lost 20 lbs!!! AWESOME!!!!

Words can never ever express how grateful we are for you and your staff!! I hope you have an AWESOME week!!!!

Joy from West Virginia wins the RSD war with Calmare Therapy

Last week, I received this update from Joy:

“I have come off of 5 meds so far since my last Calmare treatment. I can’t believe the difference in my clarity. I never really read the side effects of them until yesterday… Thanks again for your magic machine.  The first Saturday I was home, my husband and I took a little hike! He has been so happy with the outcome of the treatments! Okie dokie, keep working your magic!!”

Joy_WV_4.2013Joy is one of those vivacious people who are bigger than life–she has a winning personality and charisma that is off the charts  (her name suits her perfectly). The fact that she’s been living for years with RSD pain in her foot after a fall is unbelievable.

Yet again, her neurologist told her that to minimize the RSD pain she would need a neurostimulator implanted into her spine and a tabletop full of drugs. And, like many,  she simply said, “no.”

Joy came to see me last year to try one Calmare treatment.  I offer this to anyone who I feel may benefit from the treatment. (The first visit is free if there is no reduction in pain. If they feel the relief, then that visit is the first of ten). While patients don’t always experience immediate pain relief, so do. This was Joy’s case. In fact,  she went home after a single treatment (the standard protocol is a 10-treatment series, one per day). But a year later the pain returned and she decided to undergo the full treatment series to achieve longer-lasting pain relief. However, her response early on was so successful that we agreed that eight treatments was enough and off she went back to West Virginia.

She filmed a video here depicting her experience. As you can see, this is not a woman who is going to give up easily. And, thankfully, she left us, wearing her favorite boots again.

Melissa, with full body RSD, heads home with 0 pain

April 1, 2013

Melissa from Dayton nj
Melissa on the final day of her Calmare Therapy.

We closed the office to celebrate Easter weekend with the best news imaginable. Melissa, who arrived March 20 with one of the more advanced cases of full-body RSD we have seen, completed 9 consectutive treatments lasting about an hour each. When she presented, her pain level was a consistent 10.

As I stated below after treatment 4, we were making progress but the outcome was uncertain. Having treated many RSD patients, at this point I know precisely where to place the leads according to the pain source.

March 27 – Report after treatment 7: 

At this juncture, the neuropathy in the rest of her body is gone. The ankle pain, the original pain site 15 years ago,  is now at a 4.

March 29 – Report after treatment 9 (she didn’t feel she needed the last treatment and is keeping it as a possible booster, if necessary):

Patient reports 0 pain in ankle and body. Pain level decreased from full-body 10 to 0.

April 1 – Conversation with patient back at home

Melissa was also dealing with gastroparesis {stomach issues} which have also cleared to date. She also reported that chronic swelling of one knee, hair loss and nail beds all also improving.

Keep in mind, due to the severity (full-body RSD) and longevity of her condition (15 years), I expect Melissa to require occasional booster treatments on an as-needed basis. Or, conversely, we may never need to treat her again. Every patient’s pain is unique and the way they heal is not assured.

Nevertheless, the reduction in pain of the original injury site, with the additional elimination of pain throughout the body,  provides a marked success with this young woman.

Thank you, Melissa, for your courage to try Calmare even after all the failed therapeutic efforts before it. You’ve officially come out on the other side. You are winning. You have inspired every member of my team not to give up. To keep going. No matter what.

Dr. Michael Cooney

Chronic pain sufferers find valuable support from online chat groups

March 20, 2013

chat roomBy Dr. Michael J. Cooney

A colleague shared this article supporting online chat rooms for people living with chronic pain.  For those of us at Calmare Therapy NJ, this is not news. Many of our patients are enthusiastic users of Facebook groups, Twitter and other sites where people living with neuropathy or specific medical conditions can interact and share support. We often join in relevant discussions as well from a healthcare provider perspective.

The caveat, of course, is when non-medical professionals share healthcare information that is one-side on simply incorrect. We have had more than a few patients contact us with mis-information about Calmare Therapy, in fact.

Nonetheless,  my team and I actively join in on some of these online discussion groups because we can often offer clinical information on scrambler therapy and answer simple questions to help patients determine if this therapy (or another) might help minimize the cause of their pain.

My suggestion? Search for some online support groups and read the posts for a while to see if the tone and quality of information suits your needs. If you choose to jump in and ask a question or share your experience, you can maintain your privacy by posting under a username that protects you.

Nearly all the chronic pain support groups have chat rooms. Here are a few groups that we participate in below. If any of our readers would like to share additional recommendations, please do so!

Here to Help – RSD

Surviving Chronic Pain (sign-up required)

Caitlyn returns 10 months later for a Calmare booster treatment

January 15, 2013

caitlyn's DadMost of our Calmare patients have driven around the chronic-pain-treatment-block more times than they can count. Eventually, some become skeptical and less hopeful that a new treatment will work (rightfully so). Caitlyn was here at the beginning of 2012 with her father for treatment of RSD which she had lived with for three long years.  Her father readily admitted he feared Calmare was another “snake oil” therapy but he also refused to give up the fight to help his 16-year-old daughter. If you recall, her outcome was fantastic.  Mr. Bailor shared his experience here

Caitlyn is in town for one or two booster treatments. Due to the severity of her case, my presumption was that she would be back during the summer.  I was very pleased to be wrong, in this case.

Dr. Michael Cooney discusses Calmare Therapy booster treatment therapy

In video format, Dr. Michael Cooney discusses Calmare booster treatments and why they can be helpful to some patients, particularly those with severe RSD / CRPS, after the standard ten 45-minute treatment protocol has been completed. For many patients, one, two or three additional treatments, months or even years after the initial therapy, can help alleviate any reoccurrence of pain.  To learn more, Dr. Cooney also outlined the booster program here.   Gina, one of our RSD patients from here in New Jersey, sent us this great message after her booster session in July

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