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Calmare Booster Therapy Reduces Star’s Fibromyalgia and CRPS Pain

December 17, 2018

Star came to our New Jersey clinic for a 10-treatment series of Calmare Therapy a few years ago, but the degree of severity and length of time she had been battling both fibromyalgia and CRPS brought the pain back over time.

Recently she returned to see Dr. Michael Cooney in Rutherford, NJ for 10 booster treatments; fortunately, she received an even more positive outcome (pain reduction) after the second effort.

Calmare Therapy® (scrambler therapy) is a non-invasive, drug-free solution for pain control and medication-resistant neuropathy.

It uses biophysical “scrambler” technology, a treatment for nerve pain that uses electrodes placed on the skin.

The device works to relieve pain directly at the pain site without any reliance on medication or painful procedures.

Via small electrodes strategically positioned by a specially-trained doctor, a ‘no-pain’ message is transmitted directly to the nerve for a period of approximately 35 minutes per session.

Regardless of severity, pain and physical symptoms caused by the neuropathic condition can be significantly reduced-or even alleviated-during or by the conclusion of the 10-treatment series.

The cause of the neuropathy may be a result of injury, cancer and chemotherapy, surgery, diabetic pain, CRPS / RSD, Shingles/PHN, lower back pain, fibromyalgia (FMS), sciatic neuropathy, chronic neck pain, failed back surgery or phantom limb syndrome.

Calmare Therapy NJ USA Patients Describe Their Treatment Outcomes

For severe cases of neuropathic pain, subsequent Calmare booster treatments are sometimes, but not always, necessary for patients who have lived with the chronic pain condition for a long period of time before undergoing Calmare Therapy treatment.

Scrambler Therapy Benefits

1. FDA-cleared 510(k)-cleared and European CE mark-certified
2. Pain-free
3. Non-invasive
4. Drug-free
5. No side effects

To learn more, visit or call our friendly team to discuss your chronic pain condition at (201) 933-4440.

What’s happening at Calmare Therapy NJ this week

Update from Dr. Michael Cooney:

It’s been an informative week. As you know, it’s a challenge for us to “get the word out” about the remarkable outcomes we are seeing in long-suffering patients who are living with several types of advanced chronic pain.

We don’t begin to have the big advertising budgets that the pharmaceutical companies have to market to patients and doctors every day.

How people with chronic pain are discovering Calmare scrambler therapy

So we invite our patients to help us spread the word by sharing their own personal battles against chronic pain.  As you can see from the link above, they tell their stories with genuine heart, soul and inspiration.

(Looking for stories of courage and overcoming adversity?  Watch a few of these videos .  I do — every single day).

With this patient support and sharing, more people debilitated by severe chronic pain as a result of chemotherapy treatment, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia and RSD and CRPS are hearing about this new treatment for pain.

Patient Poll

This week, we took a patient poll and 75%  reported they heard about us from other people, usually suffering with the same neuropathic condition, who (finally) achieved significantly less pain — or went home pain-free. Keep in mind these people  had previously undergone a plethora of invasive and unsuccessful pain therapies — Ketamine, spinal cord stimulators, nerve blocks, opioids, etc.

Treatment Updates 

Here’s a quick update on some of our patients here for treatment within the past few days:

  • Katie  returned for 2 booster treatments. She left with 0 pain.
  • Kara came for 3 booster treatments but achieved a 0 pain level after 2 treatments and headed back to school.
  • We welcomed a new male patient from California with  CRPS of one lower leg.  After the first 2 treatments, he is experiencing marked pain reduction.
  • Amanda (RSD) came in for 5 booster treatments and left at 0 pain.
  • A female from Virginia with CRPS  had 5 boosters and returned to 0 pain level.

The good news is, the week isn’t over yet. Chronic pain, bring it on. We’re ready.

Talk with someone like you dealing with RSD, shingles or fibromyalgia pain

CALMARE P2P WEB BANNERBy Dr. Michael J. Cooney

Just about every day, I meet a patient with chronic pain who has already been through a long list of medications and therapeutic pain treatment efforts before coming to Rutherford Allied Medical Group and Calmare NJ.

Justifiably, they are often skeptical when we discuss the merits of a newer alternative neuropathic pain treatment like scrambler therapy.

I certainly can’t blame them.

In fact, this was the primary reason we introduced the Calmare NJ Patient-2-Patient program back in 2012.  It has proven to be one of the best programs we have ever introduced because it allows people who are considering undergoing Calmare Therapy to chat with another person who has the same medical condition and had the treatment.

If you or someone you care about is living with treatment-resistant disease or post-surgical pain, contact us to chat. If we mutually agree Calmare might be right for your situation, ask about the Patient-2-Patient program so that you can find out firsthand what this remarkable treatment can do to help overcome your severe chronic pain.

Insurance coverage for scrambler therapy is on the upswing

When it comes to convincing government and private medical insurance to cover newer medical treatments, it can feel like climbing a mountain. At night. With no shoes. In the pouring rain.

But, we’re happy to begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel. At last, health insurers are recognizing the cost benefit and effectiveness of Calmare’s scrambler therapy in comparison to endless medications, expensive and invasive chronic pain treatments such as Ketamine therapy and spinal chord stimulators (SCS).

 Here is what we know or have been advised to date:

 Worker’s Comp:

The following states are covering scrambler therapy:

New York


Rhode Island


Private Insurance:

*There have been sporadic reimbursements for indications including CIPN, RSD, Herpes and CRPS from the following private health insurers who have approved and paid for at least one patient of treatment for Scrambler Therapy: 




Beacon Mutual  




Liberty Mutual





Empire BCBS

The Empire Plan 

 *Patients have reported the highest percentage of success when they appeal an initial denial of coverage. 

Additionally, patients living in New York and Wyoming with private insurance have reported the highest percentage of coverage in the U.S., to date.

Without appeals or submittal of claims for coverage, the insurance company’s Medical Directors see no demand from providers for the new technology and therefore have little motivation to establish coverage.

 CPT Code for Scrambler Therapy

The AMA released the new CPT code (0278T) on January 1, 2012.   This code is now used by all Scrambler therapy sites for billing/reimbursement claims.

If you live in a state where Worker’s Comp offers coverage and would like to pursue Calmare Therapy:

1) Schedule a consultation with a certified Calmare provider to determine if your medical condition is appropriate for Calmare Therapy. Bring along your medical records and a history of other chronic pain treatments you have undergone.

2) IF your doctor confirms Calmare is appropriate for your medical condition, contact your Worker’s Comp representative to obtain “pre-certification” before beginning treatment.

There is activity, we are getting there

Slowly but surely, insurers are beginning to see that scrambler therapy is a cost-effective treatment to help people minimize or eliminate chronic pain which is preventing them from working and enjoying the high quality of life they deserve. It’s proven and remarkably inexpensive in comparison to prescription drugs, Ketamine therapy, spinal cord stimulators (SCS) and other invasive and painful treatments.

But patients and their loved ones must put up a fight. What does this mean? According to patients we have spoken with who received reimbursement for Calmare, they did not accept the bevy of “Denial of Coverage” form letters. They wrote their own letters, appealed, appealed and appealed until someone listened.

As a Calmare provider, we will do anything we can to help you win the coverage you deserve. We have staff that interacts with insurance companies and Worker’s Comp personnel 40 hours a week. We are fighting the same battle, right beside you.


Dr. Cooney to appear on “RSD and You” December 19 at 3 p.m.

Dr. Michael Cooney of Rutherford Allied Medical Group will appear for the third time on Joseph Aquilino’s “RSD and You” BlogTalk radio program today at 3 p.m. (New York time). Dr. Cooney will be talking about his practice’s latest findings administering Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment for patients with RSD and fibromyalgia. Additionally, he has just successfully completed treatment with a patient suffering for chronic pain as a result of chemotherapy treatment (CIPN). He will also discuss his new Calmare clinical study for patients living with chronic pain as a result of multiple sclerosis, starting in January 2012 in Rutherford, NJ. Please visit our Facebook page for program details.

CDC reports deaths by painkiller overdose an “epidemic”

By Dr. Michael J. Cooney

While prescriptions for pain medication continues to skyrocket, more and more of our friends, colleagues, neighbors and family are dying from accidental overdoses. While this heartbreaking news is very difficult for those of us working in pain management to hear, it also reinforces the urgent need for alternative methods to combat chronic pain. Medications are not the solution to chronic pain in many, many cases.

Often, when we first meet new Calmare patients, they present us with heavy bags filled with bottle after bottle of powerful drugs. In addition, these patients are often physically debilitated by using these medications, of which many are considered “narcotic”.

After 30 years of treating good people living in constant pain, I have seen firsthand that Calmare Therapy can alleviate pain in people who have been suffering for more than a year, three, even 10 years. Calmare has no debilitating side effects and is far less expensive that prescription drugs. It’s a solution that the rest of our country must learn about. And we will continue to spread the word–patient by patient until these sad statistics are just a distant memory.

Rutherford Allied Medical Group Earns Calmare Certification

We are very pleased to announce Rutherford Allied Medical Group is now one of just four Calmare treatment centers in the U.S. to earn Calmare® Certification as a result of:

*Successfully completing a comprehensive training regimen
*Satisfying several quality certification benchmarks
*Demonstrating continuing expertise with Calmare® Pain Therapy Treatment

Our commitment to this drug-free, non-invasive therapy to combat several types of treatment-resistant chronic pain is unyielding. We offer our most sincere thanks and appreciation to our patients who continue to support our efforts.

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