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After Calmare Treatment – Recovery Protocol

April 11, 2012

By Dr. Michael Cooney

I received a message / query last week from a pain management physician at the Cleveland Clinic and wanted to share my response with you. He had heard about Calmare Therapy from some of his patients and the impressive outcomes we are seeing against treatment- and drug-resistant pain. He asked me for a post-Calmare treatment protocol. Keep in mind, every patient’s treatment and recovery is unique. What I have outlined below are general guidelines for after therapy recovery. Check with your personal physician about your individual healthcare situation.

After Calmare Therapy – Recovery

After you have completed your Calmare treatment gentle re-entry is necessary. Every patient’s re-entry protocol should be based on particularly gentle activity of the affected area and even more so if pain symptoms have been active beyond 24 months─the longer you have experienced chronic neuropathy, the more slowly you should ease back into activity / use of that region. Also, when RSD has spread into other areas of the body, post-treatment therapy should be especially conservative. Unilateral cases (where only on specific area is affected), however, can be less restricted.

Generally speaking, one week to 10 days of stretching is also prudent. This is followed by a slow physical therapy strengthening program which we recommend be administered by a qualified physical therapist. The very last thing you want to do is risk initiating re-injury so a conservative approach is imperative.

It’s difficult, we know. But take it slow.

Not surprisingly, patients are often so excited to be able to move and do the things they used to do that they unintentionally over-exert themselves and subsequently experience pain as a result. Should this occur, don’t panic. As with any healing injury, your body will let you know if you have overdone it. If you receive this signal, reduce your activity and allow the body to continue its recovery. Yes, it’s difficult, but keeping an eye on the long-term prize of living without pain is well worth the wait.


You are more than welcome to contact me at 201-933-4440 if I can offer any further information or assistance about post-Calmare Therapy recovery protocol.

Our Calmare Christmas Gift from a Patient

December 2011

This post was shared on our Facebook page just before Christmas:

Laura Noelle

“Wishing everyone at Rutherford Allied Medical a Merry Christmas! I feel so blessed to have you all in my life! I spent last Christmas screaming and crying on the floor in horrific pain while my family could only stand by and watch with broken hearts because nothing would ease my pain. This year much has changed because of YOU. I am now only crying happy tears and facing each day pain free without RSD :)”

May you all find peace during this holiday season.
Dr. Cooney and the team at Rutherford Allied Medical Group.

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