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Calmare Therapy warrior Jamie checks in since his 2012 treatment

August 28, 2015

Calmare scrambler therapy is not a “cure” for RSD or CRPS, unfortunately.

But in Jamie 2_8.2015the best possible scenario for patients who undergo the 10-treatment series, it can put the severe pain and physical symptoms:

  • allodynia
  • severe temperature fluctuations
  • sensitivity to touch
  • debilitating pain and muscle weakness

into a remission state and restore the patient’s quality of life.

As you may know from our patient stories, we are treating many children, teens and young adults with this condition, many successfully.

Some patients, like Jamie, who we treated for shoulder pain three years ago, have never needed  additional scrambler therapy “booster treatments” but some patients do need them periodically. From my experience, most patients who require boosters need fewer as time goes on and they can sustain a pain recurrence for longer periods of time.

Click here to learn more about Calmare Therapy Booster Treatments

Jamie’s mother Joan was kind enough to check in last week and shared the following:

Jamie_8.2015“Here is a blast from the past. This is Joan.  In Jan/Feb 2012 you fixed my son’s shoulder pain.  Jamie is doing great shoulder wise. Almost 6 ft. tall and has his learner’s permit!

Here he is out in the back yard with a friend throwing a Frisbee so I took a few photos for you. Left arm/shoulder doing just fine as you can see!

Thanks again. I do not even want to think about what life would have been like these last 3 years if you hadn’t helped him.”

It’s hard to describe what these messages mean to all of us from former patients. For children and young adults who are riddled with debilitating neuropathy is particularly difficult.

But when we receive these kind of messages? It makes all the daily challenges more than worth it.

Thank you for reaching out Joan. Great to hear from you. And to Jamie–be careful on the roads!

Transcript from Dr. Cooney on “RSD and You” on Oct. 19

I spent an engaging hour with Joseph Aquilino on his BlogTalk radio show last week. I particularly enjoyed taking with callers  asking about other conditions for which Calmare Therapy would also be appropriate (diabetic pain and pain after chemotherapy treatment).

Thanks for having me, Joseph.

We get by with a little help from our Calmare patients

September 20, 2012

When we made the committment to offering our patients a non-invasive, drug-free option for chronic pain, Calmare Therapy, we knew we would undoubtably face the scrutiny of representing a “new” therapy that was virtually unknown in most pain treatment circles. So far, I’m pleased to say, the road has been mostly free of controversy and push-back. And when we arrive at the office to see a message from one of our patients shown below, the journey is absolutely worth it.

Gina is shown here with her beautiful family. She has suffered from severe, debilitating RSD pain for some time. She’s undergoing a round of Calmare booster treatments now, and sent us this message after her first booster yesterday:

“I know we have said it before but thank you!!! That’s not enough to say those words……you change lives!!!!!
Dr. Cooney, Dr. Michael, Cathy & Barbara are the MOST AMAZING PEOPLE we have been Blessed to meet!! Ok enough of my babbling…lol. Monday over 10 pain by the time we left I was 7. Went yesterday and left 5. Ok today I left and I was 1.5/2!!! Can’t wait to get there tomorrow!!!
I met a young lady after I came out and I have been praying that she had some success with calmare!! Off to rest because I don’t want to over due it!!! Have a great night everyone. xoxoxo.”

Calmare Therapy producing strong outcomes for children and adolescent patients

By Dr. Floyd N. Michel, Jr.
Rutherford Allied Medical Group │ Calmare Therapy NJ

Youth is a powerful advantage when it comes to healing. Physiological processes and repair just work quicker and more efficiently in a young body, thus accelerating the healing process. An example of this can be found with our young RSD/RND patients with multi-extremity and spine pain who achieve rapid, whole-body relief by only treating their original injury site. We have treated patients as young as 12-years-old with successful outcomes. Click on Jamie’s image below to hear his mother, Joan, share her story:

 Children Living with Chronic Pain are Warriors

Mentally and emotionally, kids are fearless when it comes to facing pain head on and are often particularly well-versed about their specific medical condition. We have seen several teen patients who have been fighting the ravages of chronic pain for years, and yet, they don’t give up search for a solution. Amanda Davidson experienced severe RSD after lower extremity surgery. Prior to discovering Calmare Therapy, her pain was so debilitating that she was wheelchair-bound, at one point. Prior to coming to New Jersey, she and her mother, Jennifer, had traveled to the country’s top medical facilities seeking a solution, without success. Watch Amanda tell her experience here. 

 Parenting Children in Pain 

Finally, some parents can have a tendency to “over parent” a child suffering from chronic pain. They are frightened and desperate to help their children. As a result, this can often add additional stress for the patient. Parents should aggressively seek out the least invasive, most prudent solutions to help their child’s medical crisis. At the same time, it’s important to remember how desperately these special children just want to be treated like any other kid.

 About Dr. Michel

Dr. Floyd Michel, DC, has more than two decades of experience providing specialized chiropractic care for disorders of the spine and nervous system. He received his undergraduate degree from; served and was honorably discharged as a First Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps; and graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IA, in 1983. Dr. Michel is board-certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. He also completed several hours of postgraduate training in orthopedics at the National College of Chiropractic, Lombard, IL.

Philly Dad and Ohio Mom end their children’s RSD pain with Calmare

March 26, 2012

During the past month, we’ve met some remarkable patients from around the U.S. who have come here to Rutherford for Calmare Therapy. The past few years for the Bailor and Schmidt families have been fraught with worry, frustration and medical bills. Their children contracted reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) and their parents dedicated every available moment to finding a solution to end their children’s chronic pain.

Words cannot describe how gratifying and heartwarming it has been to see these children respond so positively to Calmare treatment. These wonderful kids went back home pain free (0 pain level)  and quickly stepped back into the lives they had left behind due to chronic RSD pain. Thank you to both families who so generously shared their personal stories with us.  They did so hoping that their stories would reach other parents in the same situation.

Kaitlyn Bailor – 16-years-old          J. Schmidt – 12-years old

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