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Emi Hewatt Heads Back to Australia After Successful CRPS Treatment

October 14, 2016

emi-hewatt-having-calmare-treatment-_10-16You may recall The Border Mail newspaper article which addressed Emi’s four-year battle with CRPS and her effort to raise funds to come to New Jersey, USA from Corryong, Australia to undergo Calmare Therapy, performed by Dr. Michael Cooney, our clinical director.

Emi’s medical history may sound familiar to some of you–

She had foot surgery in 2012 and the symptoms of CRPS began about a month after the operation. Her condition and pain region continued to expand from her lower extremities up the right side of her body.

Due to extreme sensitivity in her foot and leg, she eventually required the support of a wheelchair full-time. In addition, she has not been able to wear shoes on her feet for years.

After a year spent fundraising, Emi arrives in New Jersey

She arrived here two weeks ago, after the arduous 24-hour flight and we immediately began daily scrambler therapy treatments. Steadily, Emi began to experience a lessening of pain with each passing day along with improved mobility.

The young Aussie buys her first pair of shoes in years during her Calmare Therapy treatment in New Jersey, USA.

Emi responded after treatment #5 that she wanted to go shopping for a pair of shoes. Then she began walking without the need of her wheelchair.

We’ll let Emi share her outcome via her Facebook post after her final Calmare treatment:

“Well tonight is our last night here in the U.S., we fly home tomorrow. I ended up having another treatment yesterday and today. I only had a very very slight amount of pain but thought I would make the most of Calmare while I am here and I am glad I did! We NEED this Calmare treatment in Australia! It’s unbelievable how amazing it works. Before we came we were a bit sceptical and thought it was toogood to be true but after experiencing the amazing results for myself I can’t believe Australia is so behind.

I don’t want to leave! I want to stay here with Calmare NJ and the Calmare machine forever.

Thank you so much to Dr Cooney for giving me and many other CRPS suffers our lives back. You, Barb and Cathy are just beautiful!

The Purple Bucket Foundation are still working hard to get Calmare into Australia. We currently have a ‘my cause’ campaign going to get the machine registered with the Therapeutic Good Administration:

Can’t wait to get home and give everyone a big proper cuddle for the first time in 4 years!!


A drug-free, alternative treatment for chronic pain, with no side effects

Considering the Herculean effort Emi and her family made to come to us for treatment, we hoped and prayed that she would achieve a successful outcome. (Scrambler therapy is not a panacea and does not work for everyone. Some patients have extenuating health issues beyond the chronic pain condition, some have been misdiagnosed and some disappointing outcomes are unexplained).

Emi’s mother, Dr. Cooney and Emi say goodbye.

While we are filled to capacity this week, it’s going to be a little quiet around here now that Emi has headed back Down Under. But we are absolutely elated that she’s going home to enjoy a vastly improved quality of life, starting with the newfound ability to hug her loved ones again, without feeling any pain.

To learn more about Calmare Therapy NJ, USA

If you’d like to know more about Calmare Therapy, performed exclusively by CRPS treatment specialist and clinical director, Dr. Michael Cooney, visit all the pages on this website. Then we invite you to reach out to us at (201) 933-4440 or email your medical history and questions to You can also connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.


Patient Message Makes Our Day

(At the start of a new work week, as a healthcare provider, it is your greatest hope to receive a message from a patient like this one, related to our Calmare Therapy):

“Please know that we truly believe it was YOU that saved Amanda!   It is very overwhelming to look back and think 16-year-old Amanda would be in a wheelchair and living in chronic pain with very little to live for.  The message is not just about Calmare but also about selecting your doctor and asking the right questions.  XOXO..”

Since we introduced Calmare, we have met remarkable and inspiring patients and families who have been dealing with chronic pain every single day for years. Their unending fortitude and committment to finding a solution has taught us that absolutely anything is possible with hope, perseverance and faith.

Dr. Cooney

Easy Access to Rutherford Allied Medical’s Calmare Treatment

Because of the limited availability of Calmare Pain Therapy, we have several patients coming to New Jersey from other parts of the country. We wanted to note that our practice, located in Rutherford, NJ, Bergen County, is just a 7-minute ride from Manhattan.

One of our patients turned her treatment period into a vacation for she and her husband. They found a great price for a New York City hotel and commuted back and forth to Rutherford.  (After suffering for six years with RSD in both feet,  the patient took her first barefoot steps in the grass at Central Park, after completing her Calmare treatment).

Rutherford Allied Medical Group is conveniently located just eight miles from New York City with quick access to Newark Liberty International Airport, La Guardia International Airport and JFK International Airport.  Our office is located 1/2 block from the NJ Transit (#190) bus stop, and 1/2 mile from the NJ Transit Rutherford train station. On-site parking is also available, should you come by car.

If you need assistance with hotel arrangements or sightseeing trips, our staff is happy to offer recommendations.

Wishing you a pain-free day,

Dr. Michael J. Cooney

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