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An update from fibromyalgia patient Laura Miller

One of the reasons we LOVE Facebook is that we can stay in touch with our long distance patients. Just the other day, Laura Miller sent us this update, which we shared throughout the office. If you recall, Laura appeared on News 12 with Dr. Cooney to share her personal experiece with Calmare Therapy earlier this year. This is one strong, unbeatable Hoosier woman!

Hello to my New Jersey family! You all have been on my mind a lot lately. It has been a little over a year now since I first started Calmare with you and my RSD went into remission. I’m continually moved to tears in amazement with how much better I am. I never thought this outcome would be possible. Thank you for giving me my life back and being my miracle. There are not enough words to describe how much you all mean to me! You have made all the difference! I am forever grateful. Hugs from Indiana 🙂

A Letter from an RSD Patient After Calmare Therapy

Click here to watch Bill's video.

December 2011

I hope this gets through in time for the radio show. Anyway, here’s my story–
After right knee replacement surgery 1 1/2 years ago, I experienced severe pain in right foot. After much searching, it was diagnosed as RSD. We tried many different types of therapy, none of which helped. I was also able to see a specialist in doing Ketamine Infusions, but was rejected. Looking back on that, I am so glad to have not gone through that because of the invasion that would have occurred on my body. The only thing that brought any relief was opiate prescriptions and that only took a bit of the edge off. Many nights, when the pain was at an 8 or 9 level, with 10 being the absolute worst, I cried myself to sleep, if I could sleep at all. It was extremely challenging and depressing.

Over this past Thanksgiving weekend my wife and I discovered this new therapy, called Calmare, which we had never heard of before. Upon looking into it further, we decided to call Dr. Cooney to see if there was the possibility that this therapy could help. We set an appointment and were thrilled that there at least was some possibility for some relief from the intense pain. Dr. Cooney offered to do one treatment to see if there was any help at all in lowering the pain. After one treatment, I felt minimal, if any, pain and was able to walk up and down stairs normally, which I had not been able to do since before the knee surgery!! Imagine our delight! It looked as though the treatment was going to help.

I completed the 10 initial treatments several days ago, and I can confidently report to you that I am currently having minimal, if any, pain at all in my foot!! It is a miracle!! And, oh, by the way, I am no longer taking any pain medications at all!! My wife and I are so grateful to have found Rutherford Allied and Dr. Cooney, and we are so grateful for the relief from the pain. We realize that this treatment may not have cured the problem, but we are confident that we have found a non-invasive therapy that will dramatically ease the pain!! Thank you, Dr. Cooney, and thank you to the wonderful and caring staff at the office!

Bill F, Michigan

Patient Message Makes Our Day

(At the start of a new work week, as a healthcare provider, it is your greatest hope to receive a message from a patient like this one, related to our Calmare Therapy):

“Please know that we truly believe it was YOU that saved Amanda!   It is very overwhelming to look back and think 16-year-old Amanda would be in a wheelchair and living in chronic pain with very little to live for.  The message is not just about Calmare but also about selecting your doctor and asking the right questions.  XOXO..”

Since we introduced Calmare, we have met remarkable and inspiring patients and families who have been dealing with chronic pain every single day for years. Their unending fortitude and committment to finding a solution has taught us that absolutely anything is possible with hope, perseverance and faith.

Dr. Cooney

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