Calmare Therapy NJ USA 48-Hour Appointment Cancellation Policy:

Calmare appointments are in high demand. Please cancel any confirmed appointment more than 48 hours in advance so that we may help another patient.

(Updated October, 2019)

Calmare Therapy, performed exclusively by certified provider Dr. Michael Cooney, is in high demand and the doctor’s appointment schedule is often fully-booked.

Because we are carefully scheduling scrambler therapy treatments every day, it is imperative that all patients contact us by phone at 201-933-4440 or email no less than 48 hours before their scheduled treatment time if you are unable to:

• Begin your pre-scheduled 10-treatment regime on their pre-confirmed day and time

• Keep a pre-scheduled appointment for any treatment during the Calmare Therapy protocol

Failure to contact us 2 days prior to your appointment will result in an automatic billing of $350 per missed session.

We are sorry to institute this policy, but must do so in order to accommodate as many patients as possible without unnecessary waiting.

Thank you for your kind understanding in this important matter.