Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) can also be a common affliction in children.

Carla had medication and treatment-resistant leg pain after a sports accident last year. Her loving family pursued a variety of medications and treatments.

Eventually, Carla was forced to use a wheelchair and crutches at school.

In 2018, they discovered Calmare scrambler therapy and after consulting with Dr. Cooney via Facetime, they made the arduous trip from South Africa to the US for treatment.

Carla underwent more than the standard Calmare treatment protocol of 10 treatments, once daily, but left the US with no pain.

She did require subsequent physical therapy due to muscle atrophy. Several months later, she injured her other leg and CRPS was quick to take hold.

Wasting no time, her father brought Carla back to us a few weeks ago for further treatment. Carla and her dad explain what happened next.

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