“Very good results today at Calmare Nj
Anyone who has been unable to find a ketamine inpatient program near them or is just looking to try something different at this point for pain relief, I highly recommend trying out Calmare. I tried it today and after one hour, my neck pain was taken from a 6 down to a 2.

I had previously been concerned that it could cause my full left sided RSD to spread to… my right side but after hearing exactly how it works, seeing and feeling it, I don’t believe there is any way it could cause spread.

It definitely does have the ability to provide excellent pain reduction though. The only other time I have had such rapid pain reduction in a large area that lasted for hours was with a bolus injection of ketamine.

Unfortunately, like outpatient ketamine, Aetna will not cover Calmare. However, the cost savings from prescription and doctor copays over six months or more that this may provide relief may pay for the treatment itself. Pricing is also comparable with ketamine.

I particularly recommend anyone considering a spinal cord stimulator try this first since it is non invasive.”
Dawn, PA
Condition: RSD