Seventy-four-year-old retired U.S. Army Officer Cal suffered from chronic nerve pain after a battle injury 50 years ago.

Three years ago, he underwent a second corrective surgery which left him with an infection and continued chronic pain in his left leg.

He read about other military personnel achieving pain relief with Calmare scrambler therapy and contacted Dr. Michael Cooney.

He shares his experience below:

Calmare scrambler therapy is:

• Drug-free

• Painless

• FDA-cleared

• Side effect-free

Since introducing scrambler therapy to his New Jersey pain management clinic in 2011, Dr. Michael Cooney has helped hundreds of people from around the world, including military personnel, battle neuropathic pain to lessen and even eliminate their chronic nerve pain.

Dr. Cooney is one of only six Calmare Certified providers in the U.S. today. He now uses scrambler therapy exclusively to treatment medication and treatment-resistant chronic nerve pain.

To learn more, email us at or call our clinic at 201.933.4440. Wishing you a low pain day.