After sixteen-year-old Amanda endured countless medical examinations, spinal blocks, epidurals, bones scans, MRIs, EMGs, EKGs, ultrasounds and x-rays, it was determined she contracted RSD in her toes, heal and above her ankle as a result of a ankle cast which was administered too tightly after an ankle sprain was misdiagnosed as a fracture.

RSD is a chronic pain disorder characterized by more than just aches and soreness. Over time, the resulting discomfort can escalate to burning pain, sweating, joint swelling, and extreme sensitivity to the touch. The condition often begins as a result of an injured limb, trauma, surgery, heart attack, or infection. The syndrome has been particularly frustrating to the medical community because of the diversity of pain symptoms and difficulty in successfully treating the constant pain. To read a written account of the Davidsons’ experience, click here.