Back painTwenty-four thousand patients with spinal (back pain) problems were studied by the highly regarded  Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (MA) and Harvard Medical School. Their new report  (July 29, 2013) findings say that most doctors ignore (or don’t know about) standard clinical guidelines for treatment of back pain and routinely write scripts for “powerful and addictive narcotics instead”.

However frustrating to those of us offering a drug-free alternative therapy to back pain (Calmare scrambler therapy), we can’t help these patients if the doctors are unaware that scrambler therapy is a viable treatment for back pain!

This is expressly why we post videos of patients (and their family) stories and I spend a good amount of time every day on Twitter and Facebook. If we can’t reach the doctors about Calmare, we’ll bypass them and go right to the patients and their families.

I’ll be honest, it’s difficult to think about all the people out there taking these powerful (and debilitating) narcotics because that’s the best solution their doctor could come up with for their back pain. As many of us know, introducing these drugs often just adds to the patient’s troubles — without alleviating or minimizing the back pain.

That’s why we will keep at this, one-by-one, reaching out the to chronic pain community however possible, getting the word out that there are alternative solutions to pain that offer far better results than drugs, drugs, and more drugs.