Note from Dr. Cooney:

“I received this message this morning and won’t name the patient to retain her privacy.  She came to us with severe RSD, but had a very positive response earlier this year.  I am going to mention in my letter back to her not to do too much every day and not to worry about scheduling a booster treatment unless her pain comes back!

As you can see, this is not a women who is going to let RSD take her down… This letter is the best way in the world for my week to begin.  I have a great job.”

Hey my favorite group of people!!!! I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day Doc! I just want to thank you again for the awesome job you do! I can’t tell you enough times that God sent us to you and your magic machine. I am almost off  Lortab; I have weaned myself to a half of a 10 twice a day and have 2 days left, then I start working on the last 4.

Before therapy, I would literally lose days during the week but now I think I am gaining days to make up for lost time 🙂

Since I have been home, I have only missed Sunday church service twice and can wear my 


heels now too!!! This coming weekend is our grand-daughter’s birthday and I am so excited!! Then the next weekend, I’m going for a 3-day music fest–and rollercoasters!!!

In July, we are taking a weekend to go visit friends–and more rollercoasters!!

August….Jury duty, our anniversary weekend at the beach, our daughter is getting married, plus drag racing in between all that.

In Sept. or Oct., we are coming back to see you for a booster treatment!!! I want to come where I can get a Friday and Sat appt. just to give me a good jump on the cold weather sets in.

OH!! Since I have left Jersey I have lost 20 lbs!!! AWESOME!!!!

Words can never ever express how grateful we are for you and your staff!! I hope you have an AWESOME week!!!!