Image(You may recall, I wrote about one of our recent patients with RSD as a result of two surgical procedures performed during one operation. We had a chat with Mr. Whitmyer earlier this week and were delighted when he offered to share this overview of his medical challenges and firsthand experience with Calmare Therapy. He has kindly permitted us to repost it here. Terry has a remarkable understanding of neuropathy and the very latest treatment alternatives. Please enjoy Terry’s story):

“I am a 70-year-old fit and active senior who elected to have my left shoulder repaired via arthroscopic surgery as well as my left hand’s Dupuytren’s Contracture at the same time on November 17th, 2012. By December, I was experiencing a lot more pain than what would appear to be normal for these surgical procedures. On January 2, 2013, my orthopedic surgeon diagnosed my pain symptoms as being caused by RSD. He prescribed Gabapentin and continuation of physical therapy.
Having a diagnosis for my pain, I started to study RSD/CRPS online and realized I was up against a serious, chronic, life-altering and painful syndrome. Gabapentin was allowing me to get some sleep at night, but really not very much, and it seemed to have too many unpleasant side effects to want to take it around the clock. Besides, I was concerned that it’s anti-convulsive nerve-blocking effect may also inhibit my central nervous system from re mapping my nerves back to a normal connectivity. However, research does not appear to support that assumption. Regardless, in late January, I learned about Calmare Scrambler Therapy and decided it was worth trying to get me off Gabapentin and better allow my body to take advantage of the physical therapy.
I went to Dr. Cooney, Rutherford Allied Medical Group, on February 1st for a trial session and experienced immediate pain relief. After nine more sessions, I appeared to have my pain problem under control. Within a few more weeks, I realized my efforts at physical therapy were also having a positive effect. Soon, I could turn a door knob with my left hand.
I am steadily making progress in my strengthening exercises at the local gym. I did return to Calmare NJ for a booster session on 3/29 as some of my arm and hand pains seemed to be returning. But now, a week later, I am thinking with my continuing physical improvements, I will be able to get this CRPS into total remission by the end of this summer.
Calmare Scrambler Therapy has played a significant role in expediting my recovery.
Thank you Dr. Cooney.
Terry Whitmyer