April 1, 2013

Melissa from Dayton nj
Melissa on the final day of her Calmare Therapy.

We closed the office to celebrate Easter weekend with the best news imaginable. Melissa, who arrived March 20 with one of the more advanced cases of full-body RSD we have seen, completed 9 consectutive treatments lasting about an hour each. When she presented, her pain level was a consistent 10.

As I stated below after treatment 4, we were making progress but the outcome was uncertain. Having treated many RSD patients, at this point I know precisely where to place the leads according to the pain source.

March 27 – Report after treatment 7: 

At this juncture, the neuropathy in the rest of her body is gone. The ankle pain, the original pain site 15 years ago,  is now at a 4.

March 29 – Report after treatment 9 (she didn’t feel she needed the last treatment and is keeping it as a possible booster, if necessary):

Patient reports 0 pain in ankle and body. Pain level decreased from full-body 10 to 0.

April 1 – Conversation with patient back at home

Melissa was also dealing with gastroparesis {stomach issues} which have also cleared to date. She also reported that chronic swelling of one knee, hair loss and nail beds all also improving.

Keep in mind, due to the severity (full-body RSD) and longevity of her condition (15 years), I expect Melissa to require occasional booster treatments on an as-needed basis. Or, conversely, we may never need to treat her again. Every patient’s pain is unique and the way they heal is not assured.

Nevertheless, the reduction in pain of the original injury site, with the additional elimination of pain throughout the body,  provides a marked success with this young woman.

Thank you, Melissa, for your courage to try Calmare even after all the failed therapeutic efforts before it. You’ve officially come out on the other side. You are winning. You have inspired every member of my team not to give up. To keep going. No matter what.

Dr. Michael Cooney