January 17, 2013

no wheelchair imageSince we started providing Calmare Therapy, we have seen some remarkable patient outcomes that we will never forget. During the past two weeks here in New Jersey, our patient Kenley, from West Virginia, has experienced a tremendous outcome that we would like to share─


She started treatment with us Monday, January 7. Kenley is a smart and kind 24-year-old who has been wheelchair-bound with RSD from her left knee to her foot for the past two years. Her dream is to overcome the RSD pain and be able to return to college.


When she arrived, her pain level was 8-10. After her third treatment, she left with a pain level reduced to a 2. It increased that evening but each might her pain decrease lasted for a longer span of time. Yesterday, we completed treatment number eight and she walked out of the office reporting a 0 pain level for the first time. Best of all, she did not use her wheelchair when she left (which brought tears to my front office staff).  Kenley also said,  “I have been wearing loose slippers for so long I had forgotten what it’s like to wear real shoes–I love it!”


When she arrived this morning, Kenley was walking without the wheelchair, although taking tentative steps. She reported some overnight muscle soreness which I attribute to using her legs independently again for the first time in two years (there is “good” pain sometimes). Hopefully, Kenley can videotape her experience and share it personally with you all. She has an inspiring story to tell and we are honored to be part of it.

Dr. Michael Cooney