One of our younger patient’s mothers posted this today, making us feel sad and hopeful at the same time. They are coming in for booster treatments 18 months after her first round of Calmare Therapy in early 2011.

“Today I am thankful for my daughter. She is not the typical teen girl. She has lived with a monster (RSD) in her body since she was 9 and keeps pushing through. For the past four Christmases she has only wanted things for others.

This year she only …wants her Calmare Therapy for Christmas. No iPod, cell phone, clothing or jewelry….just less pain. She is wise beyond her years. She lives with 24/7 pain that only women who have had childbirth can understand, yet worse than that. I don’t know how many women would be able to dance through that pain and exercise or even get out of bed but she does it, every single day, and I could not be more proud!”