Cathy Schnackenberg Gruszka

September 14, 2012

My name is Cathy Schnackenberg Gruszka and I have known Dr. Michael Cooney since I was 17-years- old and my Mom said I should go see the new chiropractic doctor here in Rutherford, New Jersey. Mind you, I never imagined 35 years later I would be working for Dr. Cooney because I had no clue as to what a chiropractor did!  After meeting him, I immediately felt a connection with Dr. Cooney so of course I told my four sisters about him. They have gone to him ever since and we were one of the first families to treat at his practice before it has grown into what we have now.

Today, I’m honored to be an employee of Dr. Cooney and work as his front receptionist at the practice. My personal and professional mission is to get the word out that I truly see miracles happen here with the Calmare Therapy. I am not saying it works for everyone, however, what I witness every day are true miracles. I see people come in saying they have had certain pain where they are ready to give up all hope, some say we are their last resort, some are so skeptical but are nonetheless willing to try the Calmare because they still have that flicker of hope.

I will tell you this, I love my job!!!! I love seeing patients leave here with a huge smile on their faces. When they say to us, “This office has given my life back to me…”well, words cannot express how I feel. The best part of being part of Dr. Cooney’s group is that I get to meet so many wonderful people from around the United States and even around the world! Although they sometimes tell me I have touched their lives, truly they have touched mine.

I feel extremely lucky to be working here where miracles happen. If anyone suffers from non-stop pain and wonders, “Would this work for me?” I definitely can tell you in all honesty that I recommend you give it a try. You have nothing to lose.

I, on the other hand, have much to gain ─ I get to meet so many wonderful people and play a small part in helping them get back to enjoying their lives again.